Saturday, May 07, 2005

Summer time

dripping, sticky

drop by drop

Buzzing bees
break the stillness
of the afternoon

Summer heart
torpid, languorous

Rising sap
heat grows
with the wheat

She sits unwashed, un-bathed, and unclean. Yet there is this softness about her, its probably the result of her uncombed hair. Bah! She looks as crumpled as her bed sheet...but look at that sweet grin, plastered over that grimy face. Stupid girl, I tell you, stupid girl!


Misreflection said...

Its cold with blistering winds here today, reading this makes me feel much warmer...and thinking of the honey much sweeter too.. Thanks:)

ps:think you left a comment for Cocaine Jesus on my blog by mistake, check out, you'd be amazed at why he chose that name I was. let him tell you.

. : A : . said...

"Buzzing bees
break the stillness
of the afternoon"

Very nice. Like the alliteration of "Buzzing bees break".

KJ said...

This reminds me of the summer season back home.........

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. Look forward to having you around again.

Anil said...

Love the simple but beautiful imagery of:

"Rising sap
heat grows
with the wheat"

you caught summer in just the right way!

Geetanjali said...

Lovely imagery Gulnaz - take you back several years to childhood and summer vacations, the heat and the mangoes, the carefree play and the anoon siestas...:-)

M said...

Gulnaz, you should patent this snippets...:)

Great writing girl...

Cruel Angel said...

While I lack the intellectual (or poetic) capacity to capture the essence of this particular piece, from some of the words chosen I can see a different perspective of summer. Perhaps a side I should look for.

Roberta said...

May I lounge here with you, with my uncombed hair and grimy face? It is truly enjoyable is it not? be so involved in the ambience of nature and so removed from all the other stuff. Lovely poem.

eden said...

with the bees,its surely very sweet!

gulnaz said...

Misreflection, If you could feel the warmth and the sweetness, then i'm glad..thanks. :)
sorry missy, i keep sending wrong mails, wrong sms's all the time. once i wrote a mail, to a freind, telling her about someone in not very flattering terms and ended up sending it to the very same person. :(

.:A:., ok, so that is what an alliteration is...:) glad you found it very nice. ;)

KJ, thanks for commenting KJ...I like seasons and indian summers despite of their heat have their own charm.

Anil, thank you :)

Geetanjali, aaah the mangoes...that reminds me of the mango orchard I visited as was heaven!!...thanks.

M, aww...who would want to steal it..:) thank u sweetie.

Cruel Angel, from your blog it would not seem you lack any sort of intellectual capacity...and yes look for that side. :)

Roberta, lounge for as long as you want to, kindered soul. :) thanks.

eden, ;)...aint it so.

mermaid said...

"She looks as crumpled as her bed sheet...but look at that sweet grin, plastered over that grimy face."

Sometimes the outside distracts from the soul essence within.

gulnaz said...

mermaid, its easier to ignore the soul sometimes...

Russell Ragsdale said...

There is a profoundness to the sensuality in this and several other of your poems I've just read. It is delicious and rewards the reader with insights. It is also honest in the most candid sense of that word. I have enjoyed your blog enormously and will return often! Glad to discover you!