Sunday, July 30, 2006

thank you for not forgetting me...

i feel so much love running through these words left on this space marked out for me that i am lost for words...thank you seems way insufficient!

i am ok but don't ask me why i went away for i will not be able to tell. i am not even sure that i am back. we don't even realise when we say goodbye. many a times people leave before the lights have gone out and we just don't realise it. what goes and what remains behind can never be told ahead. when its time to say goodbye, close your eyes and feel the spaces between yourselves in your heart. let your heart expand till it feels it will break...and it will grow whole again.

wispy white cloudsbreaking the speed barrierchasing the summer that is gone.shadows across the windscreengathering speedgarbled memoriessearching for the right one.

too many wordsjust not the right ones.