Tuesday, July 28, 2009


some things you said, like the way you narrow your eyes and look sideways
some things you hide, like the sharp defenses which rise up, ready to ignore any plea.

a private conversation
between two strangers. a random day, imaginary words.

Darling, I want to lose myself in you.
do that, my sweet.

Skies and oceans, shades of blue, hues of white and more would be added to our store, snapshots of life. we would laugh at those troubles and swim through like a fish and the fish would be named love.

That would be our story

Thursday, July 23, 2009

this is me.

i am a creature of emotiona and affections and aches and bliss. I am a creature whose heart waxes and wanes with pleasure. I am a creature whose heart is bigger than it should be and it feels more deeply than it should. Rules of conduct and propriety are lost on me, I say and do what comes naturally to me. I play the fool. I kiss the angels. I don't understand a lot many things. I am often not what you presume of me but I will rarely correct you as it doesn't much matter to me. I am open to interpreation. My truth I know and you can only guess at it. The sun sets on me but the darkness soothes me. I get hurt and broken but I am a creature who is strong and that is all you will ever know of me, my strength. my vanity is a pretty cloak which keeps me warm in this cold, cold world. if i am vague and abstract then that's how i want to be. t