Wednesday, August 23, 2006


incomplete. i search for meaning. wasted. i seek understanding. tired. i run to you. scared. i take tentative steps towards strength.

...there is inspiration all around. in freinds battling with cancer. in freinds begining a new life. in freinds reaching out to me. in family members not giving up, even when every dream, every plan goes awry. inspiration for free.

life is crazy and yet worth giving every shot you have.

turn up your face and let the sun kiss it warm, close your eyes and hear the song. the wind plays its flute, each note so soft, so strong.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

strange times

there come a time to let go of expectations...for a healing which is hurtful and sometimes in a not so good there a justification for such times. there is a time for chemicals coursing through your veins...there is time for frivolity and for kissing strangers...there are times when you don't make sense to anybody least of all to yourself...a time to forgive yourself and to forgive others, a time to forget some and a time not to forget many. a time to play the clown...a time when your tiny presence is enough to reassure somebody...aint it amazing the times we go through.