Tuesday, February 16, 2010

sullied waters ...for now

sunshine has been not been washed lately ; oh these muddied, sullied days!
this endless road lined with dark heavy clouds; oh let the waters wash us clean! neptune and venus will play out their madness. in our garden, untended, uncared for, wild and overgrown, we will sit under a knotted gnarled tree; as our heart will beat to the clamor of our love. desire and pride will wash their clammy hands with tears

a search of a lifetime, the scents of springtimes and god alone knows if patience is a freshly painted door with daisies smiling guard. if i make it to the door of patience, there would be a thousand kisses and each kiss will beget another. bliss is a drunken soul and truth is its mead. the shroud of deception will be shorn to shreds and the veiled one will sing to me songs that led us there. his face i will wash with neptune's kisses as the sun will dazzle in the skies.