Thursday, July 12, 2012

believe this.

the pain drips, unassuming, water from eaves.
silence sought. thoughts a clatter, a noise.
shush, shush, i feel you. 
i promise the morning to you. ~ whispers of an angel.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

blushes on starry skies.

silent as a whisper
the heart speaks volumes
- stealing glances

A summer Night
breeze rustling leaves
and more.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

lost in transit

this day and that day and that another day. romantic interludes on a theme, a strain which carries on in the background, loud as a hushed whisper in the silence of the night. today, it feels like the end of a play, the end of a day, when the guests have left, the tables not yet cleared, the chairs in a disarray as my hair, as it should be. echoes of what happened here, still resonate and make my toes curl but i mean now it's done and now the show is playing in another town, on another stage as we all move on to a differnt place, with somebody else taking our place.

maybe i am not i any longer, surely so it seems. i walk long empty corridors in my mind and they stretch forever, a maze but then as all roads lead to rome, the words will someday reach that ancient place where they can be put to rest or so i think for you know and i know that what we think is often just too apparent, just too much punctuation i would say. its not to say, that i should be even saying anything for as much as i can understand, words only get in the way of really knowing anything.