Saturday, March 03, 2012

lost in transit

this day and that day and that another day. romantic interludes on a theme, a strain which carries on in the background, loud as a hushed whisper in the silence of the night. today, it feels like the end of a play, the end of a day, when the guests have left, the tables not yet cleared, the chairs in a disarray as my hair, as it should be. echoes of what happened here, still resonate and make my toes curl but i mean now it's done and now the show is playing in another town, on another stage as we all move on to a differnt place, with somebody else taking our place.

maybe i am not i any longer, surely so it seems. i walk long empty corridors in my mind and they stretch forever, a maze but then as all roads lead to rome, the words will someday reach that ancient place where they can be put to rest or so i think for you know and i know that what we think is often just too apparent, just too much punctuation i would say. its not to say, that i should be even saying anything for as much as i can understand, words only get in the way of really knowing anything.


nilabose said...

Yes, words and punctuation do get in the way sometimes, better to let the silence sort things out. Great to see you back here again.


gulnaz said...

thanks Nila :)

Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

Words may get in the way but not when you write them. Great to have you back!

Vishal Kataria said...

Awesome! In this fast paced life, we often forget to introspect and end up not knowing who we are anymore.

At times like those, the eternal optimist in us thinks :the words will someday reach that ancient place where they can be put to rest"