Wednesday, May 11, 2005

An excerpt from, The Count of Monte Christo

There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state with another – nothing more. He who has felt deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness. We must have felt what it is to die, Morrel, that we may appreciate the enjoyments of living.

Live, then, and be happy, beloved children of my heart, and never forget that until the day when God shall deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is summed up in two words, “Wait and Hope”.

Your friend,

Edmond Dantes, Count of Monte Christo


Pincushion said...

Ahhhh...I needed to hear that..sigh...Thank you so much of reminding me of it...
''Wait and hope''
Thank you my dear girl :)

bablu said...

"He who has felt deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness." - I like this.
Likewise i think of this ghazal -
"Woh kaun hai, duniya mein jisse gumm nahi hota. Kis ghar mein khushee hoti hain, matam nahi hota"

Misreflection said...

truer words have not yet been spoken..tks
Life is indeed a rollercoaster of emotions,appreciation follows behind.

Shirazi said...

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Cruel Angel said...

An enormous amount of wisdom exists within those few sentences. I do not read as much as I should and thus have not stumbled upon this book. Thank you for sharing such an excellent excerpt.

Akruti said...

Hmm,the two words which sometimes sound cruel to me,lifelong just WAIT and HOPE,and oneday god ends it all:) sure,i might sound pessimistic,but then i fightback,maybe the word hope is that action for me:)

mermaid said...

Wise words, chosen to be read by a wise woman.

Jamie Dawn said...

Waiting and hoping....these are a real part of my life.

But, I enjoy the present, even if it's not all I've hoped for.

M said...

Words and's heart has to be ready to accept both...the right moment and life is ours..the wrong one and they're just that..mere words.

sal said...

Wanna know how blur I am.. I've heard of Count of Monte Christo but can't actually recall.. a book right? If it is, I've NEVER read it. In fact, I've never read a good book at all. No, I don't read books. I read magazines. So there, you've got a blur dumbo reading you.

God, I'm taking up space.

Anyway, I missed reading you Gulnaz. Haven't been well. But I'm fine now. Just not in the mood to blog though.

Hope you have a pleasant day ahead.

ps: Keep smiling.

sal said...

And if you haven't notice yet.. visit my other blog. You can check it out at my profile. The other side of me I guess.

Love ya. take care.

Joel said...

Mixed feelings. On one hand, maybe there is wisdom here. On the other, perhaps it can goad us into unrealistic expectations or inaction.

Oh there I go again....thinking things through.

jonny ragel said...

that's very wise. now I know why the monte christo is such a good sandwhich.

gulnaz said...

Pincushion, we all need to hear that, thanks :)

bablu, hmmm...yep pain is a part of life.

Misreflection, sometimes it gets giddy on that rollercoaster and that's when you need someone to hold you head while throw up.

Shirazi, thanks.

Cruel Angel, Books take time to read but the pleasure of reading a good book is quite unique.

Akruti, of course, hope is holding on when there is nothing to hold on to.

Mermaid, wise words but believe me i'm anything but wise.

Jamie Dawn, then you are indeed a wise person....thanks for visiting, come again. :)

M, absolutely, you got to be ready for it and then it makes sense.

the woman, that doesnt make you a dumbo, rubbish! You have got kids to raise, you must be a busy person. feels good to be missed. :) thanks. its hard to smile some days, yesterday was pretty bad...but anways...thanks :) I checked your other blog, loved the illustration by your kid. budding talent.

Joel, thinking through is intelligence. why should we assure hoping and waiting involves being passive or inactive. to me, if i lose hope, my mind starts to flounder and i can't move. its like when climbing a mountain, you got to hope to reach the top, maybe you won't and maybe you will but the moment you give up hope, it will surely become impossible to take another step up. my brain needs hope like o2 perhaps i'm not basically optimistic and hence need to feel there is hope. does it make sense?

Johnny Crash, eating wisdom, yummy :)

finnegan said...

That summation is one of the great moments in Western Literature; a deeply profound moment in the story where Dumas has just about drained the reader.

"Wait" and "Hope" coupled equal 'Faith".

gulnaz said...

Finnegan, i wonder if anything is tested as often and as sorely as faith. thanks for visiting, hope you come by again.

Joel said...

Optimism can be as fatal as pessimism. I think the Buddha talking about the Middle Path had it right. The world is full of suffering, but we can get along in it by eliminating cravings as best we can. Having compassion for ourselves as struggling human beings helps. And the glow of this realization begins to bring us to loving others. Which helps even in the lowest of lonelinesses.

gulnaz said...

yes, i think you are right there, the most miserable peope I see are those who are endlessly wanting things. Its true being kind to yourself leads to kindness to others but its not the same thing as indulging and pampering yourself constantly at the cost of others....I know a few like these and I don't know how to deal with them.

finnegan said...

Thanks for the formal invite...I will. Thanks for visiting mine as well. This is your "formal invite" as well!

Anonymous said...

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