Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The other day, unexpected.

Morning sun
Unrelenting, beads of sweat
Trickling down.

Purple Skies, deepen.
Cooler and faster.

Buying medicines
“hurry, please”, she says.

Men watch her from afar

Wet Winds
Lifting her clothes, she
Smoothes down her hair.

Spraying mists
Of rain-drops
On warm cheeks.

Rain-laden wind,
Bending the trees to its will.

Rain sliding down,
Quivering leaves.
Drums crash, louder.

Sudden showers
Crinkled heart,


Pincushion said...

Ahhh..let me grab the honour of being the first to comment on this fab feminine verse :)

I can almost 'see' her in the rain! I can feel it..smell it..and my crinkled heart eases too!


Joann said...

Is this yours? Very nice.

mermaid said...

I love the release of her with the rain at the end of this.

Joann said...

Thanks, your blog is lovely.

bablu said...

From the sweltering sun to the cool rainwater ... Beautifully expressed as only GS can.

eden said...

rain drops on warm cheeks, this is cool and beautifully written. :)

thoughts said...

Like the way we look up to the sky with rain drops falling on our face, wet hair , squinting eyes....and a smile on our face...

M said...

A mini-movie in words :)

M said...

A mini-movie in words :)

Akruti said...

From one end of life to another end of life,it feels so when i read this.one extreme to another extreme,one tires the body and other soothes the soul.The first touch of the raindrop,the first smell of the wetearth,the first touch of the breeze touching the skin,well,it is an amazing feeling:)

jonny ragel said...

put me on your fanclub list. that was really nice. thanks.

gulnaz said...

Pincushion, thanks pins...these crazy raindrops brings out the woman in me.

Joann, yep, its mine and thank you so much for liking it...and for calling my blog lovely...you got great taste. ;)

bablu, better don't praise me like that, others might think i have hired you...lol...thanks :)

Eden, merci mademoiselle eden :)

thoughts, you gotta experience the indian moonsoon...its great...though still not on, in my part of the world.

M, thanks sweetie...lol...wish i could make a movie...*sighs*

Akruti, well the healing touch is just around the corner...that's what gives us the strength to carry on.

Johnny Crash, Pshaw! :) you made me blush with that one...well flattered that you liked it. :) thanks.

Geetanjali said...

I've noticed that you tend to choose a rather stacatto rhythm in all your verse compositions. Wondering if it's a conscious choice or an does it happen unconsciously?

gulnaz said...

geetanjali, its probably deliberate. just trying to convey an image using as few words as possible.

Geetanjali said...

The choice of rhythm in a verse composition (or for that matter, prose of even oral compositions) sometimes makes a world of a difference to the meaning conveyed. Changes the tone, sometimes even the entrie meaning because of sentence construction. I'ts quite fascinating to observe this...

. : A : . said...

Very nice imagery here. Really liked,

"Spraying mists
Of rain-drops
On warm cheeks."

I have written something similar (but not exactly the same). Will put it up soon.


gulnaz said...

geetnajali, you are right the structure of the composition can affect the meaning of the content or at least its enjoyment but to tell you honestly, i don't know much about these things in a formal education, sorta way. i go by instinct, in writing as well as appreciating. ;)

.:A:., thanks! raindrops are like pennies from heaven, said a song I heard long time back.
...waiting to read yours. :)