Saturday, May 28, 2005

Musical minded meme

Thanks Johnny.

Total volume of music files on my computer:
None, since my sound card went bad, actually i'm flogging this poor computer to its last has got so many problems! grrrr.

The last CD I bought was:
Some albums of Nusrat fateh Ali Khan and Abida Parveen. The former is no more, he was a sufi singer, with an amazing voice and the latter, she too is in her leauge....great stuff.

Songs playing right now:
Miss Sarajevo-Passengers featuring Bono....this is an old compilation in a twin set, released on Diana's death. It has some favourites of mine, like the above one, streets of philadelhia and make me a channel of your peace by sinead 'o connor.

five songs i listen to a lot, or that means a lot to me:
Losing my religion- REMGone fishing - Chris rea
Who's gonna ride your wild horses - U2
Total Eclipse of the heart - Bonnie Tyler
Unforgiven-MetallicaJersey Girl/streets of philadelhia/brillant disguise - Bruce Springsteen
Miracle/blaze of glory-Jon Bon Jovi
Zooropa - U2
I feel good - James Brown
Crazy - Seal

I'm going to stop here, though i should have stopped 5 songs ago but well...i still have many favourites.

Five people to whom I’m passing the baton:
Anumita, Neel Sen, Jamie Dawn, Pecos Blue, Nav Amole and any other who might want to take the this up.


Jamie Dawn said...

You won't believe this, but I have no music files, and I haven't bought any CD's in that last few years.
My son is a guitarist and he's what I hear most of the time.... nearly all the time.

I see that you have a wide taste and appreciation of music. I think that's great.
I love Andrea Boccelli and Marc Anthony, but I don't have their CD's. I need to go shopping!

Cocaine Jesus said...

at the moment, and it does change from week to week i am very much in love with The White Stripes (new album out in UK on 6th June)
The Killers (USA band)
The Kaiser Chiefs (UK band and EXCELLENT TOO)
Bruce Springsteens new album Dust and Devils which is as good as ever.
and would love to hear some new Bangra. Big in the UK but have to trawl the radio stations to hear it!!!

eden said...

im a music lover too :)

i know a lot of songs but the problem is, i dont know much about the singers.i go with ballads and love songs........oh i love carpenters so much !

Neel said...

Hi Gulnaz, I am honoured for you to have passed the baton to me. Do you mean Ali Akbar Khan?

I like many of your musical choices both Eastern and Western, I am a musician and like all kinds of music. My aunt puts on shows in Portland Oregon for the Indin society and she brings and meets all the big names including the likes of Zakir Hussain, Ravi Shankar and many, many more.

I will post my thoughts later today. Thanks

Lorena said...

i have a lot of music at my work computer. the last cd i bought and that i'm listening to is Damien Rice's O cd which I love. and Sarah McLaclan, Ray Charles and Norah Jones, John Mayer. the list goes on.
thanks for sharing. i don't own to many from the artist you've select accept for Seal and Bon Jovi.

Geetanjali said...

:-) Talk about co-incidences. I posted at 11.50 am, minutes later you post the same meme!

Heheh I was facing the same prob when it came to the songs I listen to regularly - which is why I figured i'd post the albums that are perpetually in my CD tray!

Geetanjali said...

And oh - BON JOVI rocks! It helps that he's got such amazing sex appeal too ;-)

NicoleBraganza said...

I feel Good --- yeah, baby....I could listen to that a hundred times and it wil give me a kick every single time!! :)

Total Eclipse of the Heart - another lovely song.

. : A : . said...

U2 is one of my favourites too!


anumita said...

Gee thanks! Will get my list down. That's a commendable list!

gulnaz said...

Jamie, it must be fun to have a guitarist at home. :) I like Marc Antony's she sang to me...

CJ, there is somethings so sexy about bruce springsteens' voice! :) bhangra is fun to dance to, so peppy. :)

Eden, i hv heard few songs by carpenters, liked them and hey who doest love ballands and love songs.

Neel, honoured? r u teasing me. ;) Ali Akbar khan is different from Nusrat fatel ali khan. You too are a musician, wow am i'n in talented company or what! I don't know much classical hindi music but enough to enjoy some.

Lorena, Ray charles did a duet with bono, u get under my skin...great! Liked his stuff with norah who is fantastic!! john mayer is good too, i like nelly furtado also.

Gee, great blogs post alike, lol and yeah bon jovi is droolicious! ;)

Nicki, James brown is king! :) its so difficult to pin down favorites.

.:A:., U2! (pun intended) :)

Anu, i look fwd to reading it. :)