Thursday, May 26, 2005


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a heart in candy colours, a gift i painted for my parents...i know i'm no artist, it was the thought...and the thought was, i (heart) u.


Shirazi said...

Nice colour galore.

Akruti said...

To love,to show that u love,to say that u care,all u need is a heart to feel,no words are needed also,U r no artist,but how does that matter:) u have heart to say that I{heart} u.
Lovely,And one more thing,my house is filled with all plants and creepers but not gulmohar,it is just outside the compound wall,14yrs back when we came to live in this house my mom planted it,and i did post a few pic of my garden,will sure do it soon again.

Akruti said...

And by any chance if u come to Hyd,u r most welcome to come to my place:) i would love to meet u.

Roger Stevens said...

Just read your profile.

Do birds really listen to erotica?

In the UK we get plenty of rain. Right now it's a lovely sunny afternoon and summer's nearly here.

pincushion said...

Hey Gulnaz..did u upload the pic with 'Hello'? I've been trying to upload my sketches since mornin..but its constantly failing! It would be very helpful.if u cd let me knw..pls ?
Thanks :))

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

very bright and likey..:-)

eden said...

nice to see that you're including pictures in your blog now.i like this .the bright colours,fantstic!

gulnaz said...

Shirazi, Christina, Eden, thanks...i like color. :)

Akruti, sure if i'm in the neighbourhood, i'll take you up on that offer and you are welcome to my house too. ;)

Roger Stevens, Of course they do...don't that the bird and the bees know all about it and arent they building nests all the time, laying eggs and all that, what else do they have to do, except fly and make babies so some inspiration is always welcome. ;)

I like summers and i would even like them better if i loved in a northen country like yours. I hope you got to enjoy your afternoon and I hope you have a good summer too. I love to hear about summer from people of your whereabouts...the contrast in the experience of summer...though there are parts of mine which i enjoy too.

Pincushion, I use flickr ( and you don't have to download nothing here, just upload and post...easy...waiting to see those sketches now...mmmmm. ;)

Lorena said...

that is so pretty. i'll have to add you to my flickr contacts. great photographs you have there. i love the ones of the woman's eyes.

NicoleBraganza said...


mermaid said...

Who is an artist??? I write poetry, I sing. Some may say I suck. Who cares! I love what I do. That heart came from a heart, a brilliant one, I might add. So here's to the heart, both inside and out.

vishnoi said...

nice flashy colors!

sal said...

Gulbaby, if only that was a heart shaped lollipop.. coolish. I'd lick it, kiss it oh.. I'd start falling in love with it.

Hehehe.. I know, I'm the only one who don't have "nice" things to say.

Ps: I really really REALLY don't feel like blogging anymore. Don't ask me why alright. But I'll keep stalking you.

transience said...

i love your taste in color. so girlish and sassy at the same time.

Pecos Blue said...

The best things are either memories or what you make yourself. Well done indeed.

passerby said...

you're my little indigo girl
indigo eyes, indigo mind
and you're my little indigo girl
indigo smile, indigo frown

and I saw you crashing in, and I saw you crack a smile
I want you to be mine tonight
'cos you're my little indigo girl
it's a beautiful world, when you're around

it's a dream, it's a love

'cos every night I realize
I need you close to me
but every night I compromise
I lie here all alone

I long for you, my little indigo girl
it's a beautiful world
you are the queen and I'm the king
my little indigo girl, it's a beautiful world
when you're around

you are the queen, the queen of me
the queen of love, my lovely queen

Lorena said...

wow, couldn't help but wonder, gulnaz looks like someone is blog-serenading you?!! if so, how cute.

Jyotsna said...

Gulnaz,hi,how have you been?The colours yo have used are so beautiful and striking and its great to see you sketching!

Pincushion said...

Hey Gul darlin! Ur info was so useful..I used it too..I owe you one here goes..muaaaah! lol..
Unfortunately unlike Hello' I can't get the size to fit in perfectly to my blog dimensions..but have done the deed..notheless! Thanks so much..and hey that heart is soooooo you :)) lovely and sweeet!

Cocaine Jesus said...

not an artist maybe but you have a great eye for colour. i have box loads of these kind of picture in my attic. all drawn by my kids. i sneak up there sometimes. love in colour you cannot forget.

joe said...

I really like the heart within heart within heart effect all suspended within a radiating shower of colours -- what a lovely gift for your parents.

bablu said...

"Home is where the Heart is" are'nt it ???

gulnaz said...

Lorena, thanks! :) those eyes are mine and i'll flattered to be your contact, though i hardly post many pix, i like yours a lot!

Nicole, it would seem my brain produces its own LSD, hehe.

Mermaid, from the comments i have read about your voice, you have got a very pretty voice and you write well too. Yes its about enjoying what you do and DAnke, danke, danke!

Aashish, :) thanks.

woman, :):) but what you said is so sweet! :) Well...I will be missing your posts but i respect people's reason and so won't ask why...but keep stalking me. ;)

transience, :) i'm so glad you also like my taste in colors! :)

Pecos Blue, wow, that was so nice of you, hope you come back again! :)

Passerby, *shy smiles*...well thanks for that lovely song, leave a link too to your blog, next time....loved the words.

Lorena, ;) :)

Jyotsana, Hey jo, here's a welcome back HUG!! i've been good, hope your daughter is good too now. ...well, i was trying to sketch...thanks!! :)

Pincushion, Kisses to you too!! :):):)
I think you can adjust the dimensions at flick, i'm not sure but will check and tell you later.

CJ'love in colour'...that was exactly my sentiment when i painted it! :) my artisitic ablities are stuck at age 3! lol. it must be such a joy to see those pictures by your kids and so wonderful of you to treasure them so...warms my heart.

Joe, thanks, they liked it too! or maybe they were just saying so, lol, well they are as stuck with it as they are with me! lol.

bablu, strange that phrase did not occur to me...but it fits too. thanks. :)

anumita said...

That's all that matters!

Prat said...

Lovely colour scheme, the artist in you is calling out to the colours of the universe.
Great going!
And you know, finally added you as a link.

Mere Existence said...

You shared it with us... I think that cheapens it for your parents. It's a shame that you hate them so much... it's quite obvious that you do.

gulnaz said...

anumita, without it there is no family.

Prat, gee thanks! ;)

Mere E, how you reach that conculusion is beyond me. you are entitled to your perspective and so am i. how different would it be, if i would have written here that i love my parents than to share the picture of something i painted for them which btw is will be on a wall in my

Jamie Dawn said...

I bet they "hearted" it.
Expressions of love are always dear.

ruby said...

Wow! what an explosion of colour!Its just what i needed this morning.
thanx Gulnaz.

gulnaz said...

Jamie, :) yeah they did!

rubyq, hey good to see you have u been? glad you like the colors! :)

Neel said...

I think it IS quite beautiful, and you are indeed right, it is the thought.

Anonymous said...

that's gorgeous! I love it! Very sweet that you did that for your parents....such wonderful appreciation...and beautiful color. Brava!

. : A : . said...

... and it is the thought that counts!

gulnaz said...

.:A:., always!

Mitzzee, hey thanks for dropping by and for liking my 'artistic' efforts. ;) keep coming.

Neel, let me congratulate you on your wonderful taste. ;) thanks.

Courtney said...

Really beautiful, and fun. I'm a painter & I love your choice of colors.

gulnaz said...

Courtney, a compliment from an artist! have made my day! :)