Friday, September 02, 2005

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Seven things I am thinking about... Now:
1. adult rating
2. hmm adult rating
3. ok, parental guidance on this one
oh well my brain is stuck in this rut, all my thoughts are x-rated right now, sorry! :(

Seven things I should be doing... now:
1. time for the evening prayer, so i should be doing that
2. wanted to pick up a book
3. had to go shopping
4. exercise...just not in the mood to sweat, have already spent half a day without electircity.
4. penance, i should be doing that all the time
5. visit my neighbours, something i have been thinking of doing forever.
6. ask somebody to make me a cup of coffee....yeah am lazy and spoilt!
7. get my tickets done for____

Seven things I would ask God if I actually believed in his existence:
Well i do believe in his existence, still...
1. do u love me?
2. are u angry with me?
3. why is there all this madness in the world?
4. how come people fight and kill in your name?
5. How come there are so many rules?
6. will you forgive me my sins?
7 will keep you my family together?

Seven things that I think are funny. Haha :
1. Mr bean
2. My 3 month-old niece when she talks to me, her expressions make me laugh so!
3. My freinds and I, when we are sad specially!
4. Melodramatic or emotional scenes in movies, especially when watching with freinds.
5. talking to pretentious persons.
6. listening to pretentious persons, especially when they want to sing.
7. life, ok now i am becoming pretentious! haha

Ok now I tag:
This is tricky, many people dont ejoy being tagged or wont do it, so this is open to whomsoever wishes to reply to this. You may post your replies here on the comment page or if you do at your blog, let me know, would like to read your answers.

Right now check out for Patry's interview. Seriously, she writes wonderfully, you can read her poems at or visit her blog at


iamnasra said...

Well being tagged is a stressful matter for me..I guess that why Im not tagged. I just Im not upto think what I do really.

Patry is really good poetess. I do not know how I missed that...

Gulnaz Great Work....

eden said...

atleast you have a lot of things in mind...... im happy to be back on your blog:)

venus said...

at least, being tagged by someone shows they want to hear from you!
it feels good to know about u :)

johnny boy said...

"7. will you keep my family together?" - That was sooooo cute! Am sure God heard all your wishes, and I'm sure he'll grant them too :)
I am still wondering what your answers would have been, because you dint want to answer the first part of the tag ;) jussss kiddddingggg
Yeah i would like to take up the tag..... I'll let u know when i put it up on my blog! :-)

Potted-flower said...

You may have taken my sevens ormade up your own sevens, I chose to make up my own, so thats why the thing about god is there, sorry.

Jaxe said...

:-) 7's are good. Great to learn more about the girl behind the beautiful poetry! Be safe, G!


the woman said...

Mr Bean??? LOL...

Tomas said...

funny, when i got to comment's after yr post there were 7.... hmmmm.... an omen?

well, i don't do form letters or tags..... pretentious? moi?

thanx for the insight into yr personal self.... poetry does come in many forms

Mridula said...

Gulnaz, my niece is one month old and she is so cute. But my nephews are 18 and 15 and they live with me and they have become little devils :)

gulnaz said...

nasra- Yes Patry writes beautifully! being tagged is fun, try it if it feels ok to you. :)

Eden- you were NEVER off my blog!! sorry if i have been slack in visiting. :(

venus- :) i hope so! :)

johnny boy- i hope he does. thanks dude, looking forward to reading your answers. :)

Poffie- oh i didnt realise i could make up my own sevens! damn! ;) doesnt matter now. :)

Jaxe- Thanks Jaxe you are so sweet, as always! :))

Woman- lol, yeah i really do find him funny. :)

Tomas- :) perhaps. no! there is nothing pretentious about not doing tags! i actually had some specific people in mind when i wrote that. ;)
....that is incredibly flattering! :)

Mridula- its the first time i have been able to relate to a baby that young. am usually better with kids when they can romp around! haha, i;m sure your nephews must be lil darlings!! mwaah!

Potted-flower said...

Sorry! I should've told you, Sorry!!

africanfragments said...

mr.bean? i think his awful, not funny, and that nose, sheeees!!
love your blog, thanx for visiting mine.

finnegan said...

Seven things I am thinking about... Now:
1. adult rating
2. hmm adult rating
3. ok, parental guidance on this one
oh well my brain is stuck in this rut, all my thoughts are x-rated right now, sorry! :(

My verification word: XXXmyXXXbaby

Joel said...

X-Rated? Well, let's do this....

* Is there full-frontal nudity? (R)?
* Is there only partial nudity? (PG)
* Is the man in question raising his flagpole? Or is he applying his tongue to your private parts? (X)

On a more serious note, I am reading a biography of the photographer Edward Weston. Weston took many nudes. He also photographed vegetables, urban scenes, seashores, etc. When a fellow photographer, Minor White, insisted that nudes were erotic, Weston blinked his eyes and asked -- in truthful innocense -- why?

And it can be easy to enjoy Weston's photos without feeling erotic impulses. See enough of them and you realize that the bell peppers and the nudes have much in common. And you become lost in those shapes and lines, quite forgetting what they are.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Gulnaz, great interview with Patry! I thouroghly enjoyed it!

gulnaz said...

Pf- it doesnt matter darling! :)

Africanfragments- he is soo cute! how can you not like him! :):) anyway...thanks. :)

finn- aha! how apt!! lol, you are such a doll! :)

Joel- i see, that i have been careless about my 'adult ratings'. excuse moi...but you see, if i specify the grades, i would be revealing my gutter-drenched thoughts, hence the ambiguity. :)
Minor White, wha a name!
i think erotic is not merely about the body. i have not seen Edward weston's nudes to comment on them but i suppose, he was right.

Russell- Thanks! I am really happy that you should say so!