Sunday, June 05, 2005


in her tiny fingers
many hearts.

her rosebud lips
leave, kisses

on our hearts

baby scent
sweet and milky
- ooh my heart.

God bless all the babies in the world! They are so vulnerable, they make you want to become stronger and prettier and wiser and so much more than what you are today. They make you realize the important things in life, the good things, the correct things, the little things, the big things.

She smiles in her sleep,
god blesses and god keeps.


Sue hardy-Dawson said...

She's a little beauty and to be so loved is a wonderful thing. I think babies make us look afresh at the beautiful and at times quite scary world we live in. So glad you've all come through it safley

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Mermaid, maybe you will have a girl, each time I was pregnant Mark and I could only agree on a name which was the sex of the child we had, so perhapse your inner self knows more than science

Misreflection said...

ooh my heart too, god

NicoleBraganza said...

Babies are so precious, so delicate, so lovable. Baby smell is the best smell in the world. I love to watch babies sleeping...enough to melt my heart!!!

Pecos Blue said...

What is her name. Glad to hear that all is well.

Mirzaghalib said... are one lucky auntie

Hey Baby girl
With the great big smile
Dressed all in pink
I like your style
Matching ribbons
Buttons and bows
You're just beautiful
Head to toe!

iamnasra said...

Gulnaz your poem had touched me sooo much...

The begining of a newborn
an empty page
moments to convey
with amazing touch
the touch of colours of love
the joy of life reflects on a page
the meaning is simple
gazing beyond
thoughts without a voice
a dream traced in blankness
withing the silence of the soul
collective thoughts
elevating hopes

Jamie Dawn said...

Many hearts are in her tiny little grasp, and so many draw strength just from the sight of her.
I know all your hearts are melting.

Lorena said...

how sweet....what a nice tribute to the new baby in your life. having children does really lift your spirits and remind you of what really is important in your life. i'm usually never around babies but i'm sure it would help my spirit. i envy you :) make sure to take pictures!!

Geetanjali said...

...they make you want to become stronger and prettier and wiser...

HOW TRUE that is - I look ard these days and marvel at how adults and 30 yr old with babies still continue to be so immature and ignorant and take such risks with their babies health...*shudder*

transience said...

that's so sweet. and pink, too! like the blush and flush of one who has just been ushered into new life. so happy for you, gulnaz!

Akruti said...

Absolute bliss:) godbless them all,for sure they make us come close to an entity called GOD

anumita said...

So beautiful! The poem. I can imagine the feeling behind.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! auntie! the baby is precious.....they are diamonds and should be protected from the harmful elements that be. Very nice poem. ;)

mermaid said...

That was adorable. I'm sure she'll love reading it one day.

. : A : . said...

Well written. Save it and keep it for to read when she grows up!


Gangadhar said...

Poem is so lovely...God bless all babies..

Pallavi said...

Sweet :)

neel said...

my heart goes also. there is nothing greater or more wonderful in the world than new life.

gulnaz said...

Sue, Yes they epitomise beginings. The night before my neice was born, my bro dreamt his baby girl was there in the room with him. a freind of mine wrote to me, saying she dreamt of a baby girl in my fathers arms.

Missy, :):)

Nicki, yes nicki, she looks like a little doll! so peaceful when she sleeps.

Pecos Blue, her parents are still considering. :)

MirzaGhalib, thank you for your verse. :)

iamnasra, and your words have touched my heart, thank you. xxx

Jamie yes!! :)

Lorena, :) i too don't have much experience with kids, i feel so scared when i take her in my arms, don't want to hurt her.

Geebaby, :) we live and learn.

transience, thanks trans, so glad you liked it! :)

Akruti, honestly they do.

Anumita, :):) thank you.

Mitzee, thanks! :)

mermaid, i hope so. :) thanks! :)

.:A:., thank you, it didnt occur to me to save it but i will now, wil write it in a card for her. :)

GA, thanks!

Pallavi, thank you ;)

Neel, thanks! :):)

Cocaine Jesus said...

and the promise of new a better future too. yeah god bless all babies and children

:..M..: said...


Sue hardy-Dawson said...

My children love me to tell them about how I waited for them what I thought about as I'm sure one day your niece will love to hear about her daddy's dream and your poem about her. I wrote poems and stories for them when they were children and these are some or their most cherished possesions.

finnegan said...

Ditto Cocaine Jesus. It's our only hope. What else is there to live for? Who else is gonna read and write all the future blogs about other newborns?

gulnaz said...

CJ, with a child there is always hope.

:.M:., thanks and welcome :)

finnegan, your comment makes me think how things remain the same even as they change. :)

stan laurel said...

Oh my gosh! I really have been gone a while. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

This piece is such a stark contrast to the following one. You are quite versatile.

gulnaz said...

stan, thanks and good to seee you back. :)

Jyotsna said...

babies are incredibly special and your beautiful post only reteirated the fact.I just love babies...

gulnaz said...

Jyo, thanks!!! :):)

Potted-flower said...

Babies rock. I still want to be one, but eh? what you gonna do?...

gulnaz said...

PF, one can still be a 'baby', sometimes. ;)