Monday, June 13, 2005

Mushing around

Silky skeins of amber light weaving a web of light and shadows across her bed, across her back, as she lay asleep, lost.

His warm fingers itching to get lost in that web of light, fingers warmer than sun kissed sand when he noticed her feet peeking out from beneath the sheets.

Feet, whose soles were pale and toes, which were struggling with the sheet, searching for warmth...searching for his hands.

His hands took and then rubbed first one foot and then the other. Rubbed them to warmth, rubbed them to rosy reds.

As she lay there being rubbed and warmed, she thought to herself, this is what love is all about, someone to rub your feet when they are cold. While he felt his heart swell, thinking…this must be love, when your hands alone are more precious and sought than the sun itself.

She is the country he is meant to shine upon, as he is the sun she is lost without.

Too simplistic? Perhaps…but what more is there to it?


transience said...

this is so sensual. reminds me of heady weekends and the familiarity of a lover's skin.

GQ1NYC said...

I love to see peoples view of love from different places and to see that we all have a passion for real love. Look forward to reading more from you. take care.

thoughts said...

things are best if left simple... its juts we tend to complicate it with too many things...

Sk8RN said...

Too simplistic? Not at all. Incredibly beautiful and touching. There is too few writings I've read about this side of love. You have captured it so well!

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Not simple an economy of words felt deeply and meaning more

Lorena said...

this is so pretty. this is what i want. this is sensual!
amazing gulnaz :)
"She is the country he is meant to shine upon, as he is the sun she is lost without."
if we can all find a love like this, wow :)

Cocaine Jesus said...

no way.
direct and sweet and romantic. my gorgeous wife has another method though. one which works equally well although without any romance. she shoves her plates on to my bum!
maybe you van have a word with her?

Geetanjali said...

Incredibly romantic Gulnaz - totally appealed to me!

Hirdu said...


Faith said...

There is not more ! :)
Maybe the style and the words are simple, but it's meaningful, and full of strong passion and love!

Avinash said...

A lot of emotion captured in such a short piece! Great one :)


Jamie Dawn said...

Simple acts of love and care speak powerfully.
Love at its most basic is simply wonderful.

Akruti said...

This one touched me the most "She is the country he is meant to shine upon, as he is the sun she is lost without." wanted to say somuch but i am short of words,just that u r an amazing writer gul.

Manjusha said...


jonny ragel said...

nice. the footrub. the classics are best.

Misreflection said...

WOW !!!! GS, .What more is there, nothing nothing ...Loved it.You romantic devil you...;)
Going to read it one more time, its just what my soul needs today,
Thank you sweet pea..:)

anumita said...

Simple? Not at all. It's beautiful and love seems so endearing and sensual...

Art said...

Simple yet elegant... In simple words u say so much.. Really nice...

This was the best "She is the country he is meant to shine upon, as he is the sun she is lost without.".. just loved it

Vijay said...

Excellent. Goes to prove there is something warmer than the Sun,that which only a parent can give to a child, that which only a lover can give to another.Thats what love is. The warmest emotion known to man since Adam and Eve. Good One ! :)

gulnaz said...

trans, thanks, glad you liked write about sensuality so beautifully yourself. :)

GQ1NYC, Thanks for your comment, hope you visit again. :)

thoughts, life feels very complicated most times. :(

Sk8RN, thank you soooooo much! :))

Sue, am glad you appreciate it so!! :)

Lo, this is what i want to! ;)
hope we all get lucky.

CJ, actually i like your wife's idea even better...sounds naughtier and better. my compliments to her! :)

Geetanjali, thanks my head is all twisted with fantasies and desires...must be that time of the month. :)

hirdu, un-commentable???

Faith, thanks! btw, i like your av a lot. :))

Avinash, thanks! and come again. :)

Jamie, Yea, i'm a pretty basic kinda girl, ;)
thanks! :)

Akruti, you are such a sweetheart neel! :):) hugs

Manjusha, :) thanks! :) come again.

JC, :) just a fantasy! ;)

Missy, *giggles* glad you liked it! thanks.:)

anumita, :) thanks anu, why haven't you written more lately?

Art, Thanks and thanks again for visiting, hope you come again! :)

Vijay, thanks! and hey come by again. :)

Surinder said...

whao ! .. u call this simple :) .. this is just wonderful .. truely peotic way of describing what love is :) .. wonderful :)

M said...

I love the antakshari in your sentences..:)

. : A : . said...

Simple on the surface but there is much more going on. Like the way you have described one element at a time in this one.

Vasu the terrible said...

Nice poetry and imagery. I think you should publish something sometime.

About the subject and the imagery, I have a different view. And frankly, I dont want to take the thunder away from such beatifully crafter poetry and beautifully painted image.

do visit my blog to read take on "love".


Mirzaghalib said...

This is the punch line....amazing, very sweet and romantic.

"She is the country he is meant to shine upon, as he is the sun she is lost without."

mermaid said...

There is nothing more, Gulnaz. All that you fit into your life here on Earth is the space filled with people and things yuo choose around you.

Anonymous said...

that is just beautiful! it is so true....the one who lives to love the other and serves them to their own's the little things after all that are most important. just lovely.

Neel said...

the imagery is lovely, your writing flows from your heart.

sal said...

Awww... so lovey dovey. I was just thinking what happens after the footrub... hmm..

Woop! My perverted brain!

Ps: nice one. mushy.

Jyotsna said...

Each time i come to your blog,i enjoy reading your posts more than ever..This one is so simple,sensual and i can feel undercurrents..hope you continue this piece some day:)
"While he felt his heart swell, thinking…this must be love, when your hands alone are more precious and sought than the sun itself......" Simply love..pure and simple!

rajesh said...

Wowie.. Thats absolutely lovely.. Simplistic yet so beautiful, i would say. Great work, Gulnaz

deewani said...

"She is the country he is meant to shine upon, as he is the sun she is lost without."

This is without a doubt the best line and one that I can relate to 110%.

Love SHOULD be simple but more often than not we complicate it.

NicoleBraganza said...

"She is the country he is meant to shine upon, as he is the sun she is lost without."

Gulnaz, you write beautifully! This was terribly romantic :)
Who volunteers to rub my feet?

Bonatellis said...

I'll tell u what ... the last time when a part of the my feet was outside and someone of the opposite sex rubbed my feet like that ... ummm, well ... I had felt quite ticklish :p (A)

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Gulnaz please may I link to your blog and if that is ok can you tell me your URL

Ash said...

That is beautiful, and heart-warming. Simplistic? Perhaps. But also true.

Love itself is all so complex, and yet so simple. And that's the beauty of it, na ?

Hirdu said...

equiv to speechless... :) a whole new post is due now :)

gulnaz said...

Surinder, thanks, glad to see garfield here, hope he stops again here. :)

M, lol, was i doing that.

.:A:., glad you could see that. simple is rarely so. somethings, sometimes makes one aware of each little element.

Vasu, thanks for the vote of confidence. :) will def. read your take on "love".

MirzaGhalib, thanks :)

Mermaid, that is why ppl around us are so important to our well-being.

Mitzee, exactly!! :) thanks!

Neel, what's the point if its not from the heart. thanks. :)

woman, lol, all good things happen after a footrub. lol

Jyo, hey that is so sweet of you!! i am so glad you enjoy reading me! big thanks! :)))

rajesh, thanks for your kind words, hey hope you visit again.

deewani, am so glad you liked it! :):)

Nicole, hey good to see u nick, glad you found the time to stop by. :) thank you sweetie!

Bonatellis, lol, ticklish is good lol

Sue, of course, i'll be honoured. the url is:

Ash, absolutely! :) thanks for visiting. :)

Hirdu, ok now i get it! ;)

A Dream said...

Platonic! How gracefully you have put knit this piece. Great lady!
My congratulations!

gulnaz said...

A dream, thank you for your kind words! :)

stan laurel said...

Nothing is ever too simplistic. That is what I love the most about this piece. The most erotic, passionate, romantic, is also the simplist. Wonderful.

You describe the setting in the first paragraph very well. It sets the mood.

small squirrel said...

good writing *is* simple... the ability to make someone understand and feel simply... we do not need flowery overburdened words...

this was simply damned good writing. brava!

and *sigh*... (my feet miss the person who is meant to be rubbing them)

finnegan said...

for some odd reason this piece harkened back to that scene in Pulp Fiction with Travolta and Jackson at odds about the sensual consequences of a foot massage.

naturally, i re-read yours to get the rhythm and feeling, and i have to say its 'simple' directness is so 'from-the-heart' refreshing and real. Nothing 'simplistic'
which is different from simple.

gulnaz said...

stan, thanks for that! :)

small squirrel, :):) thanks, i miss that 'footrubber; too.

finnegan, foot massages can be quite sensual. sensuality apart, they are very relaxing too. i remember seeing a news snippet once, about how they are offered by the roadside in china or hong kong. In india, one comes across shoe shine boys, barbers, people shaving men and guys taking passport size pix by the roadside but not foot rubbers and actually the photographers too are a rarity now. they offer their services dirt cheap, i guess.

thanks, am glad you liked the piece. :)

Potted-flower said...

Transcience did something quite like this but with a car and an Italian guy. It is not too simplistic (its great) - and there is nothing more to love than what the people know (for them)...

aphros said...

stumbled upon this.. beautiful piece of art.. simplistic? no ways!!..

While he felt his heart swell, thinking…this must be love, when your hands alone are more precious and sought than the sun itself..

beautiful.. overwhelming.. speechless?!?.. YES!..

will drink more from your wonderful fountain.. :)

Pallavi said...

the last line says it all

gulnaz said...

Potted flower, hey thanks, if it reminded you of trans's writing i am flattered, i think she writes beautifully!!!
thanks for dropping by, hope to see you around and will visit your blog too. :)

aphros, wow, you such sweet things! ;) thanks and hey keep coming around to flatter me more...its nice. :) i noticed you don't have a blog though

gulnaz said...

Pallavi, thanks, sweetie....feels good to be undersood and appreciated so. :)

Potted-flower said...

If anything, you two are at equally EXCELLENT levels; you are undermining your talent!! that wasn't a lie!! i tell TRUTH!!!
ahhhh seriously, write more, I am intrieged...

(forgive spelling)

Potted-flower said...

I left out the *U* whoops

gulnaz said...

Potted-flower, honestly darling, you are a sweetheart, promise me you will visit my blog regularly! ;)

Potted-flower said...

I already have

gulnaz said...

PF, and thank you! :)

ruby said...

Simplicity is the most difficult to achive , reminds me of a few
lines from John Donne ,
And now good morrow to our wakeing
Which watch not one another out of fear
For love all love of other sights controls
And makes one little room an everywhere
Let sea-discoverers to new worlds have gone ;
Let maps to other, worlds on worlds have shown
Let us possess one world ; each hath one, and is one
Sorry for posting comments so late, but you know how i get lost in life now and then :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for those beautiful lines. feel free to comment whenever you can. ;]