Tuesday, June 21, 2005

of sea and tea

I dreamt of a lovely painting this morning, so like Finnegan I thought I will write about it. It was of a sea in turbulence and sky the same as sea. There was no disctinction between the two. It was done in horizontal brush strokes of light and dark shades of mauve and lilac, almost blue. From the middle of the sea, something rose up, perhaps a gigantic tide or was it a lightning which penetrated the sea, I am not sure. It seemed like the statue of liberty but it was not a woman, just the shape of her famous outline to give you a better idea. It was only the difference in the depth that made me distinguish the sky from the sea and the enerrrgy and the vigour of that thing in between, for the colour was same throughout. I found it curious to dream about the sea, as i don't live next to one besides its been a long time since i saw one. Perhaps Its the soaring tempartures in these parts which made me dream of water, so much water.

tea in bed
morning comes
with each sip.

dribbling honey on
buttered toast
licking fingers clean

scanning newspapers
hurried search
butterflies in the belly.

hurried rushed
harried frazzled
go, go, go!


Akruti said...

Interesting,all blue,but it must have been a beautiful dream,water all over and the sky looming over and the colours matching,ha,sounds too good:)
And hurried search???Whats up gul?

DeeM said...

Interesting that you dreamt of it as a painting. Nice poem. I'm craving honey on toast now. Kind of a nice balance of trying to enjoy your morning, but being too hurried to do so.

Misreflection said...

Amazing how the subconcious works, things you crave etc you dream of, tea in bed , sweet, haven't had tea in bed for ever.. to rushed I guess. ;)
But I do take the time to look at sea everyday and its beauty never ceases to amaze me.

Cocaine Jesus said...

tea in bed oh what a sweet and shared dream we have. if only. if only.
loved the use of colour in your post. so good you could almost smell and taste the mauves.

Potted-flower said...

Mauve is so much more articulate than purple. Lovely picture, although slightly scary...

Anonymous said...

mmmmm....now I feel like a nice hot cup of tea. and a scone.

Lorena said...

i love how you described your dream, the sea.
what a peaceful morning. hmmmm, delicious. tea, honey on toast. lovely :)

Geetanjali said...

Very Impressionstic - both this post and the previous one. You're right August completed it beautifully - your version was nice, but not it's so much more complete!

Sometimes wonder what our dreams are trying to tell us - some of mine are really bizarre, though most are painfully real. So much so that I wake up and wonder where the person who was with me went!!!

Potted-flower said...

Food didn't come to my mind when I was reading this - but hey - if everyone is adding their favourite, then:
'mmmm, tea and chocolate cake. mmmmmm'
oh now I'm hungry...

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

A little sef indulgence is good for you, I like nothing better than a long morning in bed with a good book and the odd trip down to the kitchen for refreshment, all the better if shared. Your dreem picture sounds wonderful perhaps now you've painted it in words you should try and reproduce it in paint.

GQ1NYC said...

I often dream but it's never in any detailed order, it's usually random. I like what you wrote. Very Nice.

Roger Stevens said...

Yes, that would might be fun. Can you turn your hand to painting, Gulnaz?

Tea and toast in bed. Jill and I usually do that on a Sunday. And then we... well, we... should I say it? Okay, then I will... as we lie there, all warm and cosy (and teafull) we have a quiz.

thoughts said...

reminded me too of a lazy saturday / sunday morning.. the hurry part was sumthing i'd rather skip :)

Faith said...

It's interesting how you described your dream..
Do you paint or draw? It would be beautiful if you could put this picture and these words into a "real" painting.. :)

sal said...

If only a dragon appears right in the middle of the sea... Sigh. One of my many fantasies.

Oh, and I just had buttered toast with coffee. Woop!

Beautiful thoughts Gul. :)

mermaid said...

I'd love to see that painting. Beautiful poem.

bablu said...

The monsoon has set in the West coastal belt. Try making a trip to see the sea in all its glory. Nice little poem.

transience said...

how beautiful! did your poem come to you in a dream, too? this happens to me sometimes.

jac said...

That one was short, cute, nice and down to earth. go,go,go!

finnegan said...

Really lovely Gulnaz! There's a touch of (perhaps innocent) erotic in the second verse. But that's just Eros hanging on my shoulder---the temperature here in Zurich has been hot and steamy.

Great to see that you've used the hobo codes as your avatar.

The sky is the Limit
Good road to follow
You can camp here

Potted-flower said...

I have dreams of poems when I sleep too, but I can't remember them when I wake up. I still haven't had that cake...

Ash said...

I dream a lot too..usually vivid and strange dreams..
..so you dreamt of a painting..hmmm, were you looking at the painting or in the painting itself ?

Nice description, by the way, sounds awfully realistic :)

gulnaz said...

Akruti, yes it was beautiful!!!
Deem, yeah interesting that i dreamt of it as a painting...hmmm.
the smell of warmed honey is delicious!

Missy, lucky you! :)))

CJ, you are generous with your praise. :)) thanks!

PF, why did it scare you PF? mauve, sounds nice too, right?

Mitzeee, hmmm scones with some jam...yummy. :)

Lo, thanks! glad you liked it, you will lurrv honey on warm buttered toast with tea of course. :)

Geetanjali, thanks for the appreciation gee, yes, my verse was incomplete earlier. it was sweet of A to complete it so.
i also wonder about dreams, they can actually affect my mood the following day, crazy but true. :)

PF, chochlate cake....aaah...heaven!!

Sue, if only i were so talented i would paint it! :( isnt there something romantic about idle mornings?

GQ1NYC, most of my dreams are not worthy of remembering, some are. thanks.:)

Roger, Sorry Roger my painting skills are no better than a 3 year olds...though i would love to see it as a a painting. That is so naughty of you and Jill but perfect too. :)

thoughts, one is so pressed for time, all the time. :(

faith, yes i would love to see it in real but i don't have the talent for it.

woman, :) thanks!! am glad you continue to comment even though you have taken off your blog. :(
crisp, golden toast with butter, hmmm. :), i like croissants too, large ones with coffee.

mermaid, yeah me too and thank you!! :))

bablu, i would like to see that part of india some day.!

trans, nope this one did not but i dream of strange enough things, like bits of prayer and then it becomes very important for me to complete that prayer. once i dreamt of a big gold urn and it had filgree work and light shone from it, dazzling light. this was when my mum was very sick and i was worried but then i took it as a sign that things will get better and they did, thank god.

jac, thanks.

finnegan, glad you liked the new av and the post too! :) wasnt trying for erotic there but well if its there....good...but i think its that eros by your side. :) hot and steamy in zuirch...tina turner lives there and she sang hot and steamy windows...now i know her inspiration. :)

PF, try to remember them, maybe you will remember some bits rest you can work upon, should be interesting and have that cake, now. :)

Ash, nope i was looking at the painting and belive me it felt sooo real, that is why i rememberd it so vividly. glad you liked the description. :)

iamnasra said...

Dear Gulnaz

I have missed reading your poem ..getting in the world of haiku flavor ...Im glad Im back here to enjoy it..

I promise to keep u with your writing and poetry

Thank you for your kind wishes

Pallavi said...

SIGH I love tea !!

gulnaz said...

iamnasra, hey glad to see that you are feeling better and thanks for missing me...;)

Pallavi, ah a kindred soul...i feel in love with tea when had gone to darjeeling/siliguri as a kid....its aroma can still take me back there on a misty day with a large cup of the brew warming hands.

. : A : . said...

Beautiful painting you saw in your dream!

gulnaz said...

.:A:., yes it was absolutely beautiful!!!

Kat said...

wow....couldne be defined any better!

anumita said...

Dreams that make you write so beautifully about them are certainly worth having!

gulnaz said...

Kat, thanks! :))
hope you visit again. :)

anumita, absolutely, all the more reason to sleep late, lol.

Potted-flower said...

Way ahead of you. I had the cake when I realised I hadn't had the cake... yeah...

Potted-flower said...

It scares me because the sea is an unkind, untame creature, and holds breath in its arms above it. Any man who ventures beneath this breath dare make it out alive. Oh how poetic.

gulnaz said...

PF, good you did that *chuckle*
yes it was poetic, so very poetic and true too. i am scared of it too in that way.

Potted-flower said...

*hick*... *No oxygen*...*hick*

gulnaz said...

P-F, you are so cute! :))