Friday, June 10, 2005


an eagle-sentinel
on the rooftop

life almost still
closed for lunch.

summer songs
wailing winds
round the sun.

parched lips


Geetanjali said...

I love the way you've turned what could be a savage poem into something that has a desultory, maudlin, haunting tone - the first image of the vulture contrasts starkly with your ending lines where you invoke serenading tunes of summer!

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

life almost still
closed for lunch.

Loved this it says such a lot in a few words

Jamie Dawn said...

Hot, still, summer days... my lips are parched just reading it.

Misreflection said...

parched lips serenading you, love it!:)

Lorena said...

that sounds like a peaceful moment. you've painted it so nicely. "summer songs wailing winds"

beautiful (as always gulnaz :)

Russell Ragsdale said...

Waiting, wanting, I know this part of the day. Economy, accuracy, through parched lips! Beautiful!

mermaid said...

Beautiful...only a true native could write such a lovely post about our beloved motherlands.

Arch Storm said...

jus one qn
why is ur blog called apple pathways:) its a very nice name though..
hey and great poem

M said...


. : A : . said...

Lovely imagery here in this poem. Loved the lines,

"life almost still
closed for lunch."

iamnasra said...

words of Magical love

gulnaz said...

Geetanjali, you have such a pretty name! :) thank u soo much! ...the songs of summer are as many.

Sue, i was afraid writing that wondering if it wd make sense to others too, but i couldnt change it. glad u liked it! :)

Jamie, am glad i could convey that dryness. :) thanks!

Missy, Kisses! :)

Lorena, yes they wail and they cry out flailing about their arms, missing something.

thank you for appreciating it so. :)

Russell, Thanks for leaving such a sweet and encouraging comment, feels good. :)

Mermaid, thanks! :) Yeah I am quite in love with my country though I am the first to point out the thousand things that could be better! glad it reminded you of home.

Arch Storm, thanks! i have explained why i have named my blog thus in the description in the box below the title. besides i love chomping on raw gree apples. :)

M, :):)

.:A:., thanks ;) feels good to be appreciated so! :)

nasra, you romantic girl! thanks! :)

Bonatellis said...

interesting blog ... will be back again

Karthik L G said...

it really amazes me how the poets irrespective of language play with the words

Its an other point that I cant understand all these poems to appreciate them...but I can makeout the talent which is behind them

great work gulnaz

Geetanjali said...

:-) Love my name - wish I could live upto it and sing, but I'm worse than a besura crow! LOL! There is an interesting story on how I got named btw!

finnegan said...


life almost still

closed for lunch.

Gulnaz, it feels hot reading this. The ennui seeps

. : A : . said...

I am sure it does ;-)

sal said...

Gulbaby, I do not know how to appreciate good poetry. You know... me being a dumbass and all. But somehow, when it rhymes, POP! It sounds all so nice. All those that doesn't rhyme.. are weird i tell ya. Now, that's my theory.

Err.. that was lame. Pui.

Okok, whatever it is.. Your writings are just as beautiful as you are.


Pallavi said...

Parched lips ....
Nice way to end it ...


gulnaz said...

Bonatellis, thanks and it would be nice to see you back. :)

Karthik, you appreciate me and yet you say you don't understand...:) thank you. come again.

Geetanjali, its the sound of your name, just say it yourself and hear the syllables, its'll know what i mean. I am just as besura, probably worse than a crow and i rarely remember lyrics enough to write. would love to hear your story.:) was at a wedding recently where women were was in kashmir, i was politely humming along and singing whatever i cd understand. then they insisted i sing something from my parts...told them...i dont know any folk songs, only filmi stuff and i cant sing to save my life...well they asked for i sang...and they didnt ask for a solo again. lol.

Finnegan, :) it felt exactly so. thanks for appreciating finns, its encouraging. :)

.:A:., *giggles* ah! u r getting to know me. ;)

woman, you are a sweetheart and you say the sweetest things to keep my heart and you are no dumbass, anyone who goes to your blog will know that!!

btw, pui is part of my vocabulary now. :)

toodles. :)

gulnaz said...

Pallavi, thanks, glad u think so too. :)

ruby said...

A lovelly word picture as always
love the
"life almost still
closed for lunch"

gulnaz said...

rubyq, thanks darling! am glad u like it. :)

transience said...

i love the picture of parched lips and serenades. it's both wild and sweet at the same time.

gulnaz said...

trans, wild and sweet, yes that's my idea too. :)
thanks! :)

Patry Francis said...

A serenade through parched lips is one suggest sheer joy overcomes the mundane world. Love it.

NicoleBraganza said...

I'm inspired

gulnaz said...

Patry, has to struggle to keep oneself from drowning in the 'mundane-ness' of life. thanks, i am so glad you liked it!

Nicole, :) i'm flattered.

IshaGill said...

Wow ,nice one

stan laurel said...

This is by far, my favorite of yours. I LOVE how is is written and the language you use:

"life almost still/ closed for lunch."


"parched lips/ serenading/ you."

I love the image of this noontide. Very well done!

gulnaz said...

stan, thanks, i am so glad you liked it! :))

jac said...

Well !! I came to comment, but I didn't get it and am vulnerable to ask.... SOS.

gulnaz said...

jac, i have tried to describe an afternoon here and the feelings of wanting and waiting and of loneliness.