Friday, June 24, 2005


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bricks upon bricks

and they make up a wall

they go high and they go wide

and they go nowhere at all.

bricks upon bricks

and you can break your head

against the wall.

bricks upon bricks

one day they will all

crumble and fall.

bricks upon bricks

and they make up a wall

they go high and they go wide

and they go nowhere at all.

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Misreflection said...

Gs ,I'll try to remain one of your faithful readers you know that, you're worth it;) see I'm fist here..., tks for your sweet comment,with all the good wishes etc.. how can I not make it happen ;-), hey my first impression on reading this is the walls people build around them, for what? I often ask too, they go nowhere really, no one is invincible. That's just my interpretation. :) I like it.

Geetanjali said...

"bricks upon bricks
and they make up a wall
they go high and they go wide
and they go nowhere at all."

-and yet we continue to build huge walls between us, that prevent communication and foster misunderstandings. So many of our problems stem from the walls we build bet ourselves - luckily some walls do crumble, but sadly not all of them...

Lorena said...

why do we build so many walls around us and each other? it's sad. and you're right, we go nowhere at all when we do this.

very reflective poem and wonderful texture in these photographs (or painting?)
lovely gulnaz :)

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

When we are born we have no walls life makes them and we arange them and dive for cover. It's a shame the trust of childhood is shattered mercilessly leaving us afraid to taste life

deewani said...

We tend to build these walls round ouselves as we get older. We get very set in our ways and can't see through the walls unless we have some windows! We should try and break through the walls and see what's happening in the world around us.

Rakesh said...

bricks do make a wall
and nicely said by geetanjali that brick over brick does make a wall and leads to misconception and enemies

but also one more presepective
bricks do make foundations
and brick upon brick when formed leads to an excellent foundation and over which you can make a huge strong wall
and this wall can make you face all odds in life no matter how days go the wall supports you
but like anything in this world nothing last for ever
so when it falls you do not have a place to go
as u were dependent on the wall

but just because the wall feel
you should not blame the wall
but strive hard to make another wall..

thanx gulnaz for acknowledging my comments
and please do be free to drop by my blog
and do give me your comments

Anil said...

somehow reminds me of Floyd's 'The Wall' album...perhaps bcos of the common theme...a very thought-provoking post...

iamnasra said...

bricks are a starting point for many things. But they might fall sure but it also with too many bricks a home can be built a dream o soul...

ruby said...

The worst thing someone can do is to brick themselves away from the world , and sometimes from feelings as well, we dont have enternity and every minute that passes wont ever come back again!

Sk8RN said...

Very interesting poem. I like it a lot. The rhythm of the repetitions remind me of Gertrude Stein.

Rakesh said...

gulnaz thanx for dropping by my blog
and thanx you for your comment
i will try to implememnt it...

and i like people who tell things directly

do drop by my blog regualarly too

Potted-flower said...

I wonder why a brick just fell on my head. Maybe I am crumbling. Or someone doesn't like me. Lovely poem. 'You can break your head'. Yeah - ouch. Thanks.

Faith said...

Loved it.

mermaid said...

I liked the effect of this. I felt as if I were trying to break the wall around me, only to realize it only existed in my mind.

Avinash said...

I was going to write something that supports the theme then realised that bricks while making walls also make homes!
This poem all the more makes me realize that every coin does have more than one side to it. Its all in the way you look at it:)


jac said...

That I call a poem,
simple topic, quite expressive.
Well done Gulnaz !!

rajesh said...

'Bricks upon bricks,
you can make up a bridge,
they run long and and they run wide,
they can take you wherever you wish'

Is that the answer.??

Lovely writing, Gul :)

finnegan said...

Deewani mentions that as we get older we tend to build more walls. Yes, I'd have to say it's too true.
That's what senility is for later on. You no longer have the necessary mental skills to keep up the facade.

Long live the senile and the very young!

M said...

This was beautifully written Gulnaz...:)

NicoleBraganza said...

A beautiful message. It reminds me of Robert Frosts poem "Mending Wall".

anumita said...

Beautiful indeed.

gulnaz said...

Missy, nobody is invincible for sure.
thanks for YOUR sweet words. ;)

Geetanjali, perhaps its human to build these walls and
maybe it is equally human to want to break them.

Lorena, thanks Lo, glad you liked it. :) its a photograph.

Sue, Exactly! :)

Deewani, isnt that an exciting thought now. :)

Rakesh, thanks for your commet and i liked your perspective too. :)

Anil, now, that's a compliment. :) thanks

iamnasra, Avinash, its open to interpretation. of course, these bricks are like atoms of strength. what structures we build from them depends upon us.
thank you so much!

ruby, yep, some ppl do just that.

Sk8RN, All I know about Gertrude Stein, is that she was a feminist leader in the 70's and who did lots of good stuff for women. Its very flattering if the form of this reminds you of her. :)) thanks.

P-f, so the moral of the story is wear a helmet or take along heavy machinery to break through a wall, lol.

Faith, Jac, M, anumita, thank you guys! :)

mermaid, all the walls are in the mind. glad you liked it.

Rajesh, thanks for adding your lines. :)
am glad you liked and bridges are good structures too. :)

finn, the facade is protective and isnt it strange that when we need it most, in old age, it crumbles to dust.

Nicole, oh you are too kind to me! :) thanks!

Jyotsna said...

So true,so well said..the bricks we keep constructing and shattering only to have more bricks..
thanks for dropping by with a means a lot to me!

Potted-flower said...


jonny ragel said...

sweet song, gulnaz. well- it's a song to me at least. :)

gulnaz said...

Jon, thanks jon, i am glad that you think its good enough to be called a song.

P-f, sorry darling didnt get you there? you want a link to aesop's fables?

Jyo, a wonderful thing for the brick industry and self-help books, don't you thnk. :)) *hugs*

stella said...

wow, reading this, i could almost feel the walls coming up around me... wonderful technique behind your method. it was very effective!

Potted-flower said...

'YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!' *jumping up and down*

gulnaz said...

Stella, thanks! i don't about the technique it was just playing like a song in my head and so...:)
glad you liked it and hey come around again. :)


Jaxe said...

'go nowhere at all' over and over and over... like crushing rocks into smaller and smaller pieces.

Great poem Gulnaz! I saved your site (linked from Potted Flower's) and I'll be back, I want to read more :-)

gulnaz said...

Jaxe, thanks! :) am glad you liked it and thanks again for linking. :))

Roger Stevens said...

Nice poem.

gulnaz said...

Roger, thanks! :)

. : A : . said...

"bricks upon bricks
and they make up a wall
they go high and they go wide
and they go nowhere at all."

Sometimes I wonder why we build these walls - both imaginary and physical. Well written!

Potted-flower said...

Goody! Now I can learn!!

gulnaz said...

.:A:., i am glad you liked it! :)
perhaps we build them, coz it feels safer within them.