Thursday, March 31, 2005

White waiting for kitty

Waiting on a spring afternoon for my stray kitty to come around for her lunch. I wonder lazily about this and that, while watching the sweeper wash the dusty courtyard. He makes rainbows with the arching water spraying from the hose. The little pink and white flowers drape the wall, which borders our neighbor’s, what a lovely border.

Stillness is soothing. Sitting quietly listening to the birds, the wind whistling in the trees, the distant traffic…rejuvenates. I can’t be with people all the time, though I enjoy the company of others. I need to be with myself, alone and quiet for just a little while at least. It brings me back to myself. Which is why I like the calmness of late afternoons or the half an hour before I finally doze off. At times like these, I want to wear a T-shirt, which reads, Out of Action for Repairs.

I think, Cupid shuts his eyes when he shoots his arrows to avoid responsibility and hence possibly curses. We must be fools to take life-altering decisions based on Cupid’s shooting practice. Bah! Sour grapes squirts!

Its actually beautiful to see couples in love...makes me smile. Instances: My brother helping his heavily pregnant wife down the stairs, holding her by her little finger; making a cup of Horlicks for her; forcing her to inhale vicks-vapours when she is ill. Insiya’s husband teaching her how to enjoy cartoons; mixing a tape of her favourite songs; allowing her to be herself and getting laser bleaching for her teeth. My mother blushing even after so many years of marriage, Mashallah! Dad, cooking up some delicious concoction while Mum’s watching her favourite serials on TV. The list can go on forever, God bless all the lovers in the world and keep them together, lusting and loving each other.

Its lunchtime: sort of hectic for we have a guest staying with us. Dishes and People going to and fro from the kitchen to the dining room and in midst of this rush hour, Kitty comes calling and she demands to be fed, now!

Kitty raises her head,
only a woman with a pail of water
goes back to nibbling fish.
Her sharp canine catches my eye
She comes back for more later.


deewani said...

Why can't every day be like this? Sounds idyllic. Just sitting watching the world go by *sigh*

gulnaz said...

:)probably we have more than we care to appreciate, right dee?

Misreflection said...

Reading your posts are so soothing for me, as Dee says life at its most idyllic.You are lucky GS. Today I went back to work after only a 5 day absence, it was like a slap in the face.Anyway I did most of what I had to including making it to my first gym class, Phew! tomorrow's another day.Hope you're keeping up the exercise routine, promise its the the best way to feel good without love/ lust and all the "glory" that brings. : )

Akruti said...

Wish everyday was like this,but then life in itself has somany shades to offer,somany colours to offer that we cannot stop at one,there is alwas a tomorrow with more to come,smiles,love,friends,tears,apin,hurt,everything is just a part of it,so just make the most of what e have:))) i liked this post of urs gul,it talks of emotions and i identify with them:)))

Akruti said...

Hey,i see that uadded my blog to u r fav:))) thanks,but one request,the link dosnt open to my blog,there is a mistake,it should be and it is Alochana.
hope u dont mind making the changes.and i will add u r link to mine,wouldn want to miss ur writings:)

sal said...

I wish i could sit quietly for once; have sometime for myself... everyday seems like a festive at my house. Sigh...

bablu said...

Dad cooking for Mom - that reminds me of parents. It shows so much love after so many years especially in this age when love lasts as long as U are in front of your eyes.

Jyotsna said...

Touching,nostalgic and reminds me of the peaceful afternoons and "time for myself" times i have had...i am rediscovering the same now...and relearning to.I am glad i came by your blog

gulnaz said...

missy, so happpy to know that you enjoy my posts.:) thanks for pointing out that i'm lucky, coz though i simply can't do without the peace, sometimes i long for excitement too. i enjoy your posts because they are so buzzing with life! :)walking is on and from monday, i will add some more exercises to it...though i havnet dared to weigh or measure myself yet.

Neelima, sorry i made the mistake with the link, have corrected it. thank you so much for appreciating. :):) i have known days when it feels everything is allright with the world and days when i can't wait for the day to end.

woman, i am sure the festival is in celebration of you. ;):)

bablu, love is not a function of age. i hv noticed only genuine people have genuine feelings otherwise most of the times we are just looking out for the best deal.

jyotsana, doesnt't that mean light....very pretty name. hey am glad you stumbled across my site. we all need to wear that 'Out of action for repairs' t-shirt sometimes. :)