Saturday, March 26, 2005


Originally uploaded by ruelloehr.

Look at her tired mouth and her weary eyes. her thin hair sticking to her neck. She does not even take out her hands from her pockets to flick away the errant strand of hair from her face. Her coat buttons are open, perhaps she has walked too long and is feeling warm as a result. Whom has she been searching for on these hard roads. Her disarrayed clothes match her disgruntled look, the only thing which is not bleak, is the pink dress, like the remanants of hope or of happier times.


Misreflection said...

hey, I kind of like the sketch, real, sometimes life's a bitch or shall I say bastard it shows on peoples faces,and I feel and look like her too on my pms days. : )

gulnaz said...

pms is definitely a bee-atch! :)
that's the reason i liked the sketch missy, we all have felt like her somtime in life.