Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Magic Moment # 324354

Dad and my brother had returned earlier than usual. It was early evening; I was drinking tea with my parents, my brother and his wife. The tea was brewed a tad too bitter but the conversation was light and animated. There was no evening breeze and the sun was soft and fading. Dad was in a cheerful mood; it always makes me feel that everything is OK, when he is thus. My brother looked tired but I could see that he was satisfied with the smiles around him. Ammi, as usual when feeling good, was suggesting things-for-me-to-do and Khairull wanted us to go and have coffee.

I can still taste the sweetness of yesterday's evening. Such magic moments always pop up when you least expect them.

Last evening while walking in the lawn, I had picked up some flowers. Pink, mauve, crimson and orange...had wanted to press them but my brother pointed out, how fresh and pretty the bunch looked. So, I tied it up and put it in a tiny glass jar, in his room.

Later I went out for coffee and found a book, A Beggar at the Gate. Recommended by Ruby, I am enjoying reading it. Buying a book is always a treat for me.

'Thanks Gods'....(someone i know says it like that and I like it, it is somehow more emphatic :))


S.Karthik said...

Great writing!

gulnaz said...

:)well not really but still thank u.:)