Sunday, March 27, 2005

How Stupid of me!

I added haloscan commenting, it did not warn me that my existing comments will be deleted and now they are gone! I am feeling awfully stupid! they meant so much to me! Damn Damn Damn! I am feeling terrible!
My deepest apologies to all those wonderful people who took out the time to post their comments. i am feeling awful at losing ALL those sweet comments. If anybody knows how to retreive them, please let me know.


jammie said...

thanks for visiting my blog! we share an interest in the wish jar tales also! so whereabouts in india are you?

Natalie said...

gulnaz, ask haloscan about your lost comments. They're not really lost. You can get them back by upgrading (which costs very lttle). And also, sometimes it looks like there are no comments but if you click, there they are. Mystery!