Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Ain't no angel gonna greet me...

Am sitting on my computer, Bruce Springsteen on TV singing, ‘streets of Philadelphia’ hijacks my attention. That song, his voice...always gets me. He is singing about, facing loneliness on the streets of a big city. Singing about the faceless-ness of the poor, of averted looks and quickened footsteps when darkness falls. Hmmmm…..

Beatles break the spell by asking to find me love...night goes on and so does the music on MTV...I’ll listen a while longer.

Loneliness is a bitch….oops. People change just as circumstances do. We flee the ‘unfortunate’ scared we might ‘catch’ it. If you are down at heel, your jokes are neither funny nor your stories entertaining. You try harder only to end up becoming a caricature of your earlier times and your eyes they desperately search for a friend.

Phew…God save all of us from such a day!

Enough…. they are playing Hip-hop now, best music to dance to, right up there with Reggae. Such sinuous beats for the body to move to, yummy.


sal said...

Yes... you do write well.

Keep blogging.

gulnaz said...

thank u. :)
u write well yourself.

Jack Sparrow said... do!

gulnaz said...

if you say so, captain sparrow :)