Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Money Matters

Came across this somewhere on the net: "We spend money we don't have ,on things we don't need, to impress people we don't like!"
So true! Yet we all do it to varying degrees or have done it at some point in life. Why? To seek approval? To feel superior? I read some time back in the papers that people rate themselves more happy when they feel they are better off in comparison to their neighbours, relatives etc. Arent we a funny race and then we complain about feeling miserable and seeking happiness in pills and gurus. Ha!

There is a weekend program on CNBC about personal finance called The SUZY ORMAN SHOW. She is quite a colorful character and talks about lots of things I don't understand as I am a financial dud ( a technical one too) but she does talk a lot of sense too. She says, that we need to put people first, then money and then things. She says, that how we deal with our finances and debt is wrapped up with our self-esteem and will affect our personal relationships as well. The many callers bear this out. Another very wise thing, she says, is that before you buy something, think if you really need it, would it really bring you happiness and then go ahead and buy it.


Jack Sparrow said...

We share the same view, darling!

gulnaz said...

Naturally, great minds do think alike. Lol