Sunday, March 20, 2005

Seeking grace

Is it at all possible to start anew? I don't think so. We have to live with our sins hopefully not till eternity; hopefully there will be redemption. I realized too late, that the basic, old-fashioned values are the cornerstone of a peaceful life. I want to say I am sorry to all those whom I have wronged, intentionally and/or unintentionally.

When I see 'good' people, I can see a ‘lightness’ in them. I envy them their lightness.


Misreflection said...

I do believe we can all start anew, everyday is a new one afterall, each to be lived for its newness, and you are not really the same as you were yesterday, so there's hope.In fact there's hope for us all. :)
Like your writing style, very gentle yet moving at the same time.
Hope you get better soon.

gulnaz said...

Misreflection, (that's a sweet title by the way) Thank you so much for appreciating!
am getting better, sipping on cool lemonade...sweet stuff :)

sal said...

cool lemonade? me wants! hehe... i haven't thank you for the link. thank you for linking me in your blog.

you have a great day with loads of smiles.

gulnaz said...

thanks woman :)

M said...

I am a star all over again..thanks to you...thanks for adding me to your links..:)

Yeah, the granny knickers bit was funny only after he left...looking at them afresh, I could not help but agree with him..but I still haven't found the courage to chuck them out!

And he hasn't seen my winter nightdress yet...that's about the most grotesque thing I possess...full length, full-sleeved, with faded teddy bears washed too often splattered all over....but ooooooh so comfy!

gulnaz said...

LOL@M. :) but u r right, there is something to be said about soft, dumpy, shapeless clothes, they are like soo worm and comforting...but i guess a girl needs more than knickers and night dresses to make her feel good. ;)and of course u r a star :)