Friday, August 12, 2005

searching for nectar under august skies

Lick the words dripping off my wound. Lay kisses on my grave cold and neglected.

I pick your words, honeysuckle sweet. Wild as the breeze that blows the warm august sky.

It is the light in your bright august shine eyes, which will warm my cold heart.

Unshed tears in your eyes, sparkling stardust. My tears turn precious when they wash your face.

The nectar of your words going down my throat, with each drop my heart comes alive.

August comes winter will follow. Snow there won’t be but the sun shall come. An unending thought. Waiting for tomorrow. Have a nice weekend guys! toot, toot!


Anil said...

"The nectar of your words going down my throat, with each drop my heart comes alive."

now that was beautiful....such a delicious image gulnaz...

(on another note was wondering in "bright august shine eye" should it be shine or shining?)

gulnaz said...

Anil>>delcious is good! thanks! :)
it is shine, should have put a hyphen there. bight eyes= bright august-shine eyes. :)

transience said...

you are sensuality in the purest, most evocative form.

Lorena said...

magical words. i agree with transience, very sensual & sweet.

hope you have a great weekend as well!! :)

Russell Ragsdale said...

You really had a sense of your magic here. Loved this! Have a great weekend!

Potted-flower said...

toot toot to you too-t!

M said...

Toot toot...I LIKE that!

Have a nice weekend G!

Jaxe said...

Lick the words...

every morsel here Gulnaz! Thanks for painting this poem into my mind! I love how it makes me feel! Have a good weekend!


PS - er, toot!

rubyq said...

you have a way with words girl :)
its beautifull !
Have a gr8 weekend .

. : A : . said...

Beautifully written and visualised.

Joel said...

Damn I am jealous! Almost enough to make me stop taking the lithium.... :D

Samudraa said...

ohlala.............that was an amazing melange of luxurious words!!

'Lick the words dripping off my wound'........the unsaid words that communicate when in pain!Guess i've understood it the way u've meant it :)

gulnaz said...

trans- oh sweetie!!! thank you so much! i am going to treaure that comment forever!! hugs!

Lo- am so glad you enjoyed it!! thanks!! :) ....if i only knew how to make love potions...hehe.

Russell- didnt u know am a witch on weekends! hehe kidding...thank you so much!!

P-f- turning up the decibels here, good! :)

M- you like tooting, come to india, we are tooting all the time. lol.

Jaxe- it feels wonderful when somebody enjoys my words so! thanks!! :)

Ruby- and you have a way of making me smile!! :)) thanks :)

.:A:.- oh that is just too kind of you! ;) *deeply deeply bows*
the images formed and the words rearranged themselves even as i wrote it.

Joel- and i had been thinking you were ignoring my poor blog! :) i'm the one who should be jealous of your prodigious talent and knowledge. :)

Samudraa- good you got it the way i meant it hehe. :) hope you rubbed your feet in luxury there. :)

Santanu said...

"Wild as the breeze...august sky." - yes, I understand that well, here in the paddy fields!
Have a great weekend! Though mine is over, yours has just begun.
(Its friday off in Bangladesh) :-)

Pecos Blue said...

Like the nectar part. Glad you liked the pictures.

Akruti said...

Is it Passion filled in Sorrow? what is taking over the other? Passion taking over the pain or the other way round? "Waiting for tomorrow" ya,i am also doing that,wishing and hoping that the gentle sunshine and the cool breeze from the winter to be followed will soothe me of all the pain of today:) U have a wonderful weekend too:)

Me said...

same to you....have fun...

gulnaz said...

Santanu- oh it must be lovely in the paddy fields!!

Pecos blue- yea the sweetness of life :) and the pictures were beautiful!!

Akruti- it all seems intertwined to me at times.

Avik- :)

Moon said...

it hot and humid here in Israel
but somehow
you sensual words
are like cool breeze
i see peach and sweetness all around while poring your words all over me.
it's beautiful!
thank you

KJ said...

beautifully written....


iamnasra said...



gulnaz said...

Moon- its wonderful how i get to interact with people from places i have never been to! amazing! thank you so much for your lovely words! :))

KJ- thanks dear!

Nasra- i thought you lived in oman...anyway am glad you are back was wondering about you. :) don't worry about the posts, catch up later :)

finnegan said...

This poem has stardust like Ziggy.

There's a song here waiting to be sung.

Will you be singing it?

Is that precious nectar from someone new?

Mridula said...

I started laughing the way you ended your post after some serious words.

gulnaz said...

finnegan- i want to sing all those songs but i just can't! am still without the nectar.

Mriduala- glad i could make you laugh, its a pleasure. :)

Pallavi said...