Monday, August 08, 2005

and the light goes green

Some greens which i like:

Green juicy apples
Green tomatoes, fried in a little bit of butter
Pale green leaves
Dense foliage.
Lettuce and peeled cucumbers
Deep dark green silk
Paintings of bamboo leaves
Mossy thick dark leaves
Olive green leather
Early morning sunshine on green grass
Rain, though it has no colour but for me its green because nothing makes greens greener than rain.

Then there are some which I don’t like:

Green eye shadow, not even on anyone else!
A particular shade of dull green on walls
The green which grows on long-gone-things
The greenish lime from hard water, which covers taps, block shower pores.
Slimy stuff.
Green jelly
Green coloured liquids
Green cardboard files, there are so many of them in this world!
Green bright satin
Green gooey paste of henna

I have typed green once too many times for now, so much so that I am beginning to wonder if I am spelling it correctly.

by the way, i have added a tag-board on the side-bar, feel free to post whatever comes to your mind there. :)


Russell Ragsdale said...

There is a green that
smells like rain clear air,
that puts shoes
on my feet and
takes them off,
it calls to me
from the mountains
in the earliest
days of summer.

I don't need to tell you how I feel about that green because you already know the why.

Misreflection said...

hey don't you just love Shrek too, I do : )

Potted-flower said...

No, no, no. All green rocks, except for the limescale green, but thats more of a turqoise, so... yeah. Shrek is a favourible green, yes, and, actually my windows toolbar-thing is 'olive green', so... yeah :)

Anil said... like spinach!! thats one green thing that I cannot stand...palak paneer bing the only exception :)

finnegan said...

Some greens I dislike:

green boogers
green fly butts
green Exorcist vomit
green envy
Greenaway, Peter
Green Gables, Anne of
Soylent Green

Rat said...

"Green tomatoes, fried in a little bit of butter " has just made me feel VERY hungry !!!
Nice post :)

Yours Truly...Conman said...

You're right you are spelling greeen wrong.
It's spelt with triple 'e'...

yvaine said...

I like green too. But you're right there's also a lot not to like about that color. Mucky green stuff. Ew. Are there any disgusting blue stuff? I wonder.

Anonymous said...

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stella said...

oh my goodness, you can even make green sound beautiful and sensual. you truly have gift, my dear ... ;)

irina said...

Or maybe it´s spelled GRIN? Ey? What do you think, lol!
This post of yours sounds a little bit like "I love to hate you"...
The same colour provoking opposite feelings. If we speak of colours that way how can we have favourite ones? I guess beauty prevails over anything slimy...

Paul said...

I was starting to get hungry for something green, anything. Then I got to your second part...

mermaid said...

I don't like the green of envy of brussel sprouts.

Jamie Dawn said...

As a kid, green was always my favorite color.
Now it is purple, but I still think fondly of green.

Bonatellis said...

a very eco-friendly post I must say :)

Jyotsna said...

I liked this post Gulnaz,because it is refreshingly different..lovely..I love green too

softly said...

What can i say.
green is my favorite color.
I love the smell of green fresh grass, that was just mended, I love the odor of Eucalyptus leaves, dry or wet after the rain.
i love green all around me, it makes me feel I'm getting near Paradise, it just opens my wings and inspiration. maybe that's why love touching the ground, plant in it all sorts of greens and flowers. green lively green is the color of hope and love and truth fro me. BTW - i just loved your post***

gulnaz said...

Russell, thank you so much for posting your lovely poem here! its clear how you feel about green. :):)

Missy, i love shrek, how could i forget him, poor baby...terribly mean of me! actually i liked the ass too. last month, i heard a donkey bray for the first time in my life and i thought it was a hoarse dog.

P-f, you are a little greenie-sweetie. :)

Anil, i love spinach, i dont even mind its juice. spinach, in eggs, mutton, with paneer,with pasta with 'arvi'...just love it. maybe coz i use to love popeye as a kid. :)

finn, hehehehe!!! yes i guess gangrene aint nice and that exrocist vomit cant be too nice too, probably too much of spinach. :) envy is painful! :)
i will hv to look up peter greenway and anne gables, though the latter's name does ring a bell.

Rat, we had tomatoes growing at our place couple of years back and that is when i discovered this....honestly delicious, i use to have it for breakfast. :) and hey thanks!

YTC, yea! after your rub-a-dub-dub, two ee's would not seem enough. hehe.

Yvaine, i think et's sweat should be blue! :)

Anon, ok will do it later but i am neither in northampton nor getting married right now, so sorry. :(

Stella, not like you though! :)
you make even a trip to the linen store sound wonderful!
thanks darling! :)

Irina, grin is good! i may like grins but not all grins. :)) actually its not my favourite, the thing is i like too much of everything and don't like some parts of everything too. :)

Paul, sorry to have spoiled your appetite, maybe i should have written it upside down. :)

mermaid, green of envy is eeeewww!!! sometimes when i feel envious of somebody its a disgusting feeling, kills all joy.

Jamie: ...when you were green behind your ears. :) btw, purple is such a royal colour, i read somewhere creative ppl like purple.

Bonatellis, thanks for pointing that out, it completely slipped my mind. there i hv done my bit for the enviornment. :)

Jyo, thanks! i hope your daughter is doing fine now. :)

gulnaz said...

softly:....and i loved your comment, thank you soo much! use to have an old Eucalyptus tree outside my window some many years back and i use to love its smell. :) thanks for remiding me of it. :) i hope to see you again here.

Itineranting said...

The green of veins running down the translucence of fair wrinkled skin on a grandmother's arm can bring back fond memories...and the same thing on the back of the chemistry teacher's palm is a nightmare that recurrs. Cute post!

transience said...

the alliteration of the green of long-gone things tickles me to no end. your words are simple yet resound with so much meaning.

Samudraa said...

For once,i started seeing some beauty in green that i abhor :)

Good job Ma'm,once again!!

gulnaz said...

itinerant, i like the image of green veins on translucent skin. :) the chemistry lab had some yucky green steamy things and our teacher was the least steamiest of them all. :) ihope she never reads this!

trans, thanks am soo glad you like what i write!! :))

samudraa, actually green is not my topmost favourite but still...but hey the ocean is the loveliest green at certain times in certain places.
thankyou!! :)

thegamebrain said...

What about Kermit? I'd put him (it's a muppet after all, but whatever) under things I like.

Pecos Blue said...

Green rice fields. I feel like there is noting as brillant as the green of rice fields.

Pecos Blue said...

I added some green just for you.

eden said...

nice composotion ,like mermaid said i love shrek too.

by the way im back blogging,u can check it out!thanks.

softly said...

Hi, thanks for pop-ing to visit my page :)
and no doubt, i'll come visit you again and again.

Ash said...

I like the green of the 4-leaf clover. The green on the Indian flag. And the green on my boyfriend's fave shirt.

I don't like the green that my favourite copper ring turns into. Nor the moss on slippery seashore rocks.

Perfect Virgo said...

Alliteration is great fun! I liked your list. (Thanks for linking G.)

Lorena said...

:) cute. i'm green with envy :) (trying to use the word in a sentence) although i do admire your lovely talent.

gulnaz said...

thegamebrain, sure, green furry things which jump on you can be fun too. :) thanks for coming by, drop by agian. :)

Pecos Blue, yes, how could i forget the paddy fields, maybe coz havent seen them in a loooong while, thanks for reminding me and good you added the greens! yay! :)

Eden, sorry i thought u were still away, will visit your blog soon and it was missy who mentioned shrek! shrek seems to have a large female fan following. :) good, good!

softly again, thank you! :)

Ash, I have never seen a green 4-leaf clover. :( my favourite bit on our flag is the wheel. you must be reminded of your boyfreind whenever you see his green elsewhere. :)

PV, i hope you didnt think its too silly. :)

Lorena, i don't know about mine darling but you sure have loads of talent! :))

KJ said...

green mumbai. going the environment friendly way?



Mridula said...

I love green, that is what you see when you trek (see what one track mind I have), but never thought aboout the other type of green.

M said...

Anybody out there for some Arizona green tea?

gulnaz said...

M, i love grean tea, never had arizona green tea though. :)

Mridula, you lucky girl, you get to travel so much!!! :)

KJ, i'm not in mumbai and going green is 'refreshing' hehe

Samudraa said...

thanks gul :)

Ive made me see green in a diff colour ;)

. : A : . said...

I didn't see green in the same light as you. There is so much more to it than meets the eye.


gulnaz said...

.:A:.- i am sure there is and i would have loved you to elaborate. ;)

iamnasra said...


iamnasra said...

Today I making a point to see this post again...Im visiting your green post to be inspired in hope to be able to write on things that is so green that will eventually inspire me...

I can see a green mountain so far from me
Greener as I have never seen
Yet its greatness and its beauty does not stop on its colour and on its amazing hieght
It clasps running water
Yet its free river that falls in what we call waterfalls
Over this image I capture it in my soul
The image linger carrying a misty breeze
That touches me lovingly it make me aware
Reminding me if I falter Im touched with love in unknown distance
with loving breeze I will be carried to stand on my feet again

(this for you Gulnaz, let it be the voice of strength and know that God is always here to stand by you and what ever hardship that you might be in..its just a short time phaze)

iamnasra said...

Okay Toda is a quick vist to your blog..from that day I got your e-mail you were in my mind and prayers..Hope your cheerful is back

this something I would like you to read if you get a chance

(hope you will enjoy them)

anumita said...

Green is an interesting colour. And I like the greens you like.

gulnaz said...

nasra, thanks a ton darling, i love you! :)

anumita, we are kindred greens then. :)