Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dearest, precious tomorrow

I hope to see you tomorrow. I hope you find me smiling. I have been waiting for you since eternity but you never kept your promise. Oh, why did you take so long!

Tell me, how will I recognize you? Will I know you by the image I carry of you in my heart? What if you are not the same? Will it make a difference to me? Ah!!

Tell me, have you too been waiting for me? They say tomorrow is but today revisited but is it true?

Why did you make me wait so??

I was not ready for you! Is that what you are saying? Oh so it all depended upon me and here I was all along waiting for you to show up. If I only I could have been ready earlier!

What is so funny…why are you smiling? Hmmm!

Yes I can see your point, first I waited for tomorrow, now I cry for yesterday, ah what a fool I am...thank you for pointing that out!

You already got me smiling; I can see you will keep your promise…I can hardly wait to see my tomorrow even if its different from what I have been expecting.


. : A : . said...

"I can hardly wait to see my tomorrow even if its different from what I have been expecting."

Maybe it it not different from what you have been expecting. Maybe it is exactly what you have been expecting?


Lorena said...

seriously gulnaz, we are on the same page sometimes. this is beautiful. this conversation, this anticipation. and you are right, we do have to prepare ourselves for things to be not as we thought and still love it for what it is. sometimes our expectations hurt us.

this reads as someone with an open heart ready to surrender to what tomorrow can bring. i love this gulnaz!! :)

Moon said...

Some how, reading your words, and not for the first time, makes me have a huge sentimant of Deja - vu.
what is it in you, who manage to capture my own thoughts and inner talks between me, myself and I...
lovely to get back to you.

thank you.

finnegan said...

I wonder often about that ever-elusive "tomorrow". When it comes, it is no longer what it was in your yesterday mind.

When is the day you die? What will that tomorrow bring?

Perfect Virgo said...

(Waiting patiently in line behind Finn.) Time is simply unfathomable isn't it G? I liked the way you held a chatty conversation as if with an old familiar friend. Today is tomorrow's yesterday.

Vaibhav said...

Visiting you for the first time.
Cool Blog.
Also check out mine@

KJ said...

Beginning today I will no longer worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will always
be there, waiting for me to make the most of it. But I cannot make the
most of tomorrow without first making the most of today.


Manjusha said...

From anxiousness to quiet confidence.

Today is the tomorrow you were worrying about yesterday. Now that it's here, you realize there was nothing to worry about. So why worry about tomorrow.

It will be as wonderful as today, if not more.

Potted-flower said...

It doesn't look as if they are going to answer you ;)

Tomas said...

excellent time play.... as if talking to a lover... could you say any less?

Prat said...

There is something childlike and innocent and yet so mature about this post.
Makes me read it over and over and smile.
Thoughts of tommorow...and it comes over whether you like it or not.
Makes me kinda feel powerless in some way.
Thankyou for making me think!

Neel said...

you are an incredible writer, you always make me think. your last post has made me think for days now, i was a bit worried about you, i hope you are okay and feeling better. you have a lot of people that care about you. :)

Rat said...

"I can hardly wait to see my tomorrow even if its different from what I have been expecting."

Me too. Me too !!!!

gulnaz said...

.:A:. - see you are on top of my list! ;)
....dont make me trying to get used to the reverse.

Lorena- i felt exactly like that when i read your poem! thank you soo much, i know you can relate to it in the same way as i do. :)

Moon- maybe the fact that we are all humans, same fears, same desires...hmmm. :))

finn- i think you die when your spirit dies. when that is over, you are left with this hollow shell, habits, resentment and bitterness.
when the body dies, then whatever the tomorrow that follows brings is no longer of any relevance.

PV- i imagined i was talking to someone close. :) glad you liked it!

Vaibhav- thanks will check out your blog soon.

KJ- if you do that, then these words would have earned their keep. hugs! :)

Manjusha- Yes, that is a confidence i hope for, its there at times but vanishes for long hours too.

P-f- who won't answer me, didnt understand, sorry. :)

Tomas- yes that is exactly what i had in mind.

Prat- you read it more than once! now that is quite a compliment for me! :) thank you so!! :)

Neel- wow, it is really kind and sweet of you to say that!!
i'm so glad you like my writing so and thank you am doing good now, still taking the medicines but fine otherwise. it feels so good to know that you are cared for. :) thank you.

Rat- lol, yea!!

finnegan said...

What's interesting is where creativity comes into the picture. One looks at a work by someone physically "dead", but if that work can make you laugh or cry, isn't that heart still beating?

Maybe the real thing we do here in the blogsphere is try to put ourselves in a state where we can continue. It's sobering if you think of it like that. It makes me want to put up what may be my only "re-presentation" me after I'm gone.

I'm also reminded of your post on Sakura in July. She's still there.

gulnaz said...

finn-that is indeed a sobering thought! i was very touched by angel's affection for sakura and on reading her blog, it touched a nerve within me.
you are right, one does live on through one's work. if one's work transcends time and culture, then there is a certain 'truth' about it and that is what makes it leap over the difference.

thoughts said...

not as lucky as u .. u r already smiling ;)

. : A : . said...

If you don't dream, it can't come true.

Akruti said...

"first I waited for tomorrow, now I cry for yesterday, ah what a fool I am...thank you for pointing that out!"
Yes, i now know i am a fool,exp are best ways of learing in life:)
Again the word Hope makes me feel scared,dreams and hopes are like illusions,but cant live without both,PARADOX maybe:)

Samudraa said...


Yours Truly...Conman said...

I think you need some serious medication.

Jaxe said...

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday ;-)

Hi Gulnaz! Great work once again, I love the time plays on this and the *smiling* :-)


Patry Francis said...

I love the concept of the future as a lover who is in no way obligated to live up to our expectations...but who we still can chat with flirtatiously and with affection.

Very lovely writing.

gulnaz said...

thoughts- and arent you too now? :)

.:A:. - hmmmm......dreams are mean! :( why can it not come true regardless? hmm?

Akruti- totally agree with you. :)

Samudraa- glad i made you smile.

YTC- and you think i will take advice from a conman, lol.

Jaxe- thanks j!! I read about your collaborating with Neel on his blog, great work! wishing the best to both of you. since i don't hv sound on my machine, havent heard your songs but love your lyrics!

Patry- thanks! ..exactly, just like a lover! glad you liked it patry. :)

Pallavi said...

AAhh tomorrow one's run in life... to catch tomorrow to keep tomorrow.. and to SIgh for yesterday.. human tendency.. very well written I must say ...

Personally.. I sigh to keep today.. hope to nuture today... blow softly into the past ... till my today becomes tomorrow..

. : A : . said...

Haha. Dreams are not mean. You need to dream them first.

gulnaz said...

Pallavi- then you are indeed an evolved soul, something which i have always suspected reading your blog, sensing your joie de vivre. glad to know you girl and hey thanks! ;)

.:A:. - i'm a scaredy cat! :)

stella said...

i believe it's possible to yearn and miss our futures as much as our past... i have missed something or one i've never met, as well as a place, i've yet to visit. and then one day, things just come together naturally. and it's as if it was there the whole time. i'm hoping and knowing you will find tomorrow too!

gulnaz said...

Stella- thank you so much, that was wonderful!!! thanks! you are such a warm and wonderful person, happy b'day again! :)

venus said...

Tomorrow never comes! though tomorrow is a hope, it's an illusion. losing today in waiting for tomorrow is a grave mistake, and glad that u realized it. Today, you do what u need to do instead of waiting for things to get better tomorrow. It'as third law of gravity or action and reaction. Keep smiling :)

finnegan said...

"...leap over the difference".
I love the way that sounds!

Verification Word: qypjyev

angel-A said...

oh, gulnaz, you are genious!

the cowlick said...

very nicely put.. the wait.. the anticipation.. almost like you're waiting for a friend.

Potted-flower said...

the person you are talking to...

gulnaz said...

finn, angel, cowlick- thanks you so much!!! mwaaah!
and angel you really must be an angel to say so

pf- ok, i get it! :)