Monday, January 29, 2007

for evermore

ah! the games you play
remaining a stranger to me
encircling me.


your breath blows on me
as i evermore reach out to you
you, remain untouched.


concealed in wet lashes
closed in a heartbeat
you stay alive.



Amalendu said...

lovely poem: it has the mark of Gulnaz ...

gulnaz said...

amalendu- thank you and its wonderful to be not only appreciated but to be liked enough to be known by the way one writes.

Anonymous said...

Oh untouched stranger!
why, why so cold?

your writings remind me of the innocence of this child in tagore's poetry.
this warmth, this sense of subjectivity which you carry in your posts leave an indelible mark on one's senses.
closed in a heartbeat
you stay alive.


Pat Paulk said...

Very poignant!! I agree with Amalendu, the mark of Gulnaz!!

gulnaz said...

anon- reading your sooo touched!!! honestly i'm too moved to say anything more. .....thank you!

pat paulk- awwww thank you!!!! :):)

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

I'm enjoying your scattered thoughts they've landed like Autumn leaves, many different colours and among them the fruits of the season

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sue ..I love them..they seem to play on my heart and melodies..Did you hear it LOL


gulnaz said...

sue hardy-dawson, i just love the way your comment, so beautiful in its own right, thank you!!! :)

nasra, oh what a beautiful scene plays in my mind when i imagine sue and your comment as a scene from a movie...:) thanks!

gel said...

I love reading your style of poetry. I've now read this poem aloud 4 times in one sitting. I'm hooked!

gulnaz said...

gel- oh my that is so wonderful of you, thank you sweet gel! :)