Tuesday, January 23, 2007

broken hearts

the skies are bruised.
the dancers, removed.
look at the blood we have spilled.
look at the love we have killed.

i wear this crown of shame
for all the broken hearts
and the blood gets into my eyes
for your broken heart.

paint the skies in crimson tonight.
paint our silence in love tonight.

for all the things we don't understand
for all the times we are misunderstood
for all that we have lost
paint a heart in crimson tonight.


Pat Paulk said...

Excellent poem!! You don't have to look very far to find the broken hearted.

gulnaz said...

oh thank you so much pat!!
i was sort of nervous about this, am so glad you liked it so. :)

iamnasra said...

amzing poem from amazing person

Amalendu said...

paint our silence in love tonight...
I loved the ease with which the poem flows....

Anonymous said...

I wish I could keep you from drowning in that blood, but only you can learn to swim.

gulnaz said...

nasra- XOXO!!! :)

amalendu- i'm glad you felt the flow, its a tad tumultous and the beat is disjointed but that is because of the emotion portrayed.
i feel love is a colour as it imbues all that it walks through and it has so many hues.

mermaid- yeah .... not easy when you don't know how to. :) thanks sweets!

{illyria} said...

the words have a kind of brokenness to them, as if they come from some very dark, painful place.

Anonymous said...

very lyrical as I read it again

Im having an LIP Poetry Tribute
I selected one of your wording for the tribute

pls dont kill me for it, join in


Anonymous said...

so intense, gul! so intense!
I have read it couple of times and yet it hits me everytime with more velocity; perhaps because you were too much in sync with your self while writing it.
I had written a few lines sometime back:
everyone,wishes to be understood
but no one wants to understand
when would I be the other one?

wish someday you be on the other side, with the crimson painted on your cheeks and your heart all blue.


gulnaz said...

illyria - there are rooms inside of us, dark and scary, which are kept looked away for that very reason...:)

nasra- you silly girl, why should i be angry for that...i'd only be every angry with you if you were to ever visit India and then not see me, then i'll surely kill you. :)

anon- ah! finally you comment...thank you...am touched that you chose to share your lines here, do you have a blog as well?

Cocaine Jesus said...

a broken mirror of a poem. shards of pain like glass refracting a mood.

gulnaz said...

Cj- bang on!!! thanks!

Lorena said...

very moving! beautiful poem gulnaz!