Friday, January 12, 2007

so play on...

I'm sorry I have not been posting of late...i'm in a place where my thoughts are scattered like wildflowers in the meadows and i can't seem to pluck them and tie them coherence...just a vastness where i'm lost.

Anyway this place and people it has bought into my life will continue to be special in my heart and which is why i thought today of sharing my station at LAUNCHcast, yahoo's music site.

So follow the link below and enjoy the music that I enjoy. Happy listening!


Lorena said...

gulnaz, thanks for the music and i hope you feel better soon. just make sure you drop in once in awhile and brighten our day with your beautiful writing. take care amiga :)

wishing you all the best in the new year!

Pat Paulk said...

When you get some strung together we'll be waiting to enjoy them!!

Anonymous said...

the princess is back!
great, to read you again.
Its so wonderful to again
sense words,
that familiar flow.
These long breaks do give us
an oppertunity to read some of
your previous posts again and

best wishes for the new year

gulnaz said...

lorena- you are such a darling!!! hugs!!!!!!!!! muchos amigos :)

pat paulk- that is a compliment! thank you! :)

anon- dear anon who are you?? you have me so intrigued and flattered too...i wish you wouldnt remain anonymous...still, thank you so much for your lavish praise! :)

best wishes, once again to all of you!!

Cocaine Jesus said...

good to hear your 'voice' again. glad you haven't gone away again.

gulnaz said...

CJ- awwww!!! XOXOXO

Amalendu said...

this is a state of living in poetry...I will wait till it shapes up in word form...

Anonymous said...

I see a girl running through the meadow, stopping to pick up daisies. She threads the stems together for a necklace, or maybe a crown, too shy to exalt her own beauty, her own words.

Anonymous said...

amalendu has put it so beautifully. This is what you say "living in poetry"
when all what one is left with is deciphering this music which is concomittant of every word you write.
You know, a lot of us out here live in relativity and majority of us would probably die too.
When ur stuff is read there is this shift to that absolute space which the guy is referring to. That is what is so lovely about ur writings.

about revealing myself: thats completely unimportant :)
Keep writing

gulnaz said...

amalendu- wow, i love the way you use words!!! i'm also waiting for the words to take form...:)

mermaid- you are such a sweetheart!!! overwhelmed!!!

dear anon- honestly, i'm touched to the core of my heart!!! we all have this secret music in our hearts and it comes through our words but not everybody can hear is just such a wonderful feeling to be heard and to be heard like this!!! phew!!
since i'm no writer i'm always nervous about my posts...i must be doing something right, i hope continue doing it. ;)

i guess i have no option but to respect your need for anonymity. keep coming!