Monday, January 29, 2007

lost soul

take me down
not scared to fall from grace
ribbons of mist tying my wrists

your fingertips...searching for release
there is an ocean beyond.....
....a land somewhere

my soul drifts
................wanders away

running in my head to you
running through these enchanted woods to you.


mermaid said...

I hope you find him/her. Your words have found me.

gulnaz said...

mermaid- thank you you dreamy lil mermaid! :))

Anonymous said...

I believe souls are meant to be lost , living and being “found” in transient moments within a lifetime. It is a slave to no man or thing not even time .. It’s an ethereal dancer dancing to music we cannot hear but can only feel…. And some will always feel more than others… this just means that yes you’re a soul sister.. Rock on… :)

Ps: love the imagery of … ribbons of mist tying your wrists.. Sorry been absent of late … hope you’re well.


gulnaz said...

missy- hey look who has returned!! hugs! i'm ok just not been on the net lately and i read that you are busy enjoying your sojourn at home...good good! :)

i just love what you have written there about souls being 'found' just gives so much meaning to this eternal search which can sometimes scorch our souls and sometimes its abscence makes for a cold place. you are right again about it being a slave to no man or thing....thank you!

zingtrial said...

Hi,You moved me with this post :) .Thanks for sharing.
Wish you well

GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

Hi Gulnaz,
I'm hooked on your writing.
"Ribbons of mist"
"runningin my headto you" (sigh... I can relate to that!)
The visual presentation of this poem adds to the "running through the enchanted woods" feeling.

Cocaine Jesus said...

i guess we all are wandering souls in a way. this is very...
probably the wrong word but i cannot for the life of me think of a better one.

Pat Paulk said...

Passion, sensuality, fire all come to mind when reading this. I love it!!

Amalendu said...

ditto Pat + in many of your poems...
lovely one Gulnaz...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being here for me
I love this ocean


gulnaz said...

zingtrial- thank you so much for saying that, means a whole lot to me! wishin you well too!

gel (emerald eyes)- that is such a joy to read!!! thank you thank you! stay hooked now. :) glad you liked the visual aspect of it. :)

CJ- oh Cj thank you so much for dropping by and taking the time to read the prior two posts as well, thanks a lot! yes, this piece definitely smacks of romance! :)

Pat Paulk- oooh what can i say...passion sensuality fire....what would lives be without these??? thank you sireee

amalendu- thank you so very much for enjoying my words, its such a wonderful feeling, thank you!

nasra- hugs!!! :)

Cherie! said...

Such wonderful writing :)!

Anonymous said...

two astounding posts, which reveal how much you put in when you write. each of these encapsulate some frozen moments (of your dreams and desires) which melt with eloquence.
You read it again and again so as to get over it but then you realize that somewhere deep down that desire to get over it is running away to your unconscious.

Such intensity, such passion, such grace! Whats stunning is this symphony!


gulnaz said...

cherie!- am so happy that you should say so, thank you mon cherie :)

anon- you leave me speechless! thank you!!!

Prometheus_Unbound said...


Its so sensually written. it feels like waking up on a crisp morning and pulling up the sheet for another five minutes before getting up.


gulnaz said...

Prometheus_unbound- and i love the metaphor you have used, its yummy. :)