Monday, July 11, 2005

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The top five things I miss about my childhood are:

1. I miss goofing around with my brothers, even though it got me into a lot of trouble with my parents. I miss fighting with them; I could actually throw them down then. Maybe they were just letting me feel good about myself but it did feel good. We would be constantly turning the house upside down with our make-believe games. Poor Ma! One of the games was covering the floor with talcum powder and then sliding across the smooth floor, bare feet, dangerous too but I don’t remember getting hurt. I use to fight with my brothers all the time but the moment dad would scold them, I would start crying.

2. Every Sunday, till I was about 9 or 10, Dad use to give us a shower, shampoo our hair etc all three of us together in this big bathroom of ours, while we stood waiting our turn in our undies. My kid brother (the fourth one) was too young to join us. We would then catch this English movie later; usually a western or a martial art movie, in a small cinema on Sundays, the matinee show. I miss that.

3. I miss listening to stories. My dad has got a good voice and he would read to us sometimes, I even remember recording one of his renditions once. I use to love listening to stories and I had our maid, uncles, grandma, aunts, next-door neighbor-boy, almost anyone who would agree to tell me a story.

4. My mama’s aunt would come down to our town sometimes, perhaps to lend her a hand. (poor mama, now when I look back I deserve every thrashing I ever got and then some more.) she would make the best tomato-chutney in the world. I make a mean one myself but it somehow never tastes quite like hers, not even my mother can make it like her and my mother is the best cook in the world. She, is very very old now, last when I met her she was so frail and though tall, she seemed to have shrunk. I keep telling myself she is fine, I feel guilty for not being there for her, she lives in another city and then there is life, something which seems to have passed her by.

5. I flunked my class fourth examinations because I did not get the passing marks required in mathematics, I was short of a few points. Otherwise I had done well but the rule was if one failed in English, hindi or maths, one would not be promoted even if one got passing marks overall. I came back home, all flustered with shame and before I could say anything, I met dad in the door way and he just enveloped me in his big arms and I felt so OK!
Hey Lo I had great fun with this, thanks! It bought back wonderful memories and some more. It was just the thing to do on a rainy day. Gracias.

Now its my turn to tag and I tag:
Jamie Dawn
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Russell Ragsdale
Sue Hardy-Dawson
Patry Francis

I would enjoy reading your answers if you choose to post them and please, it is not limited to the above 5 only.


transience said...

and of course i love knowing a little bit more about you through snippets of memories. so touching how your dad just embraced you after exams. that was a wonderful recollection.

gulnaz said...

thanks trans! :) I usually hug my father only at occassions and this was one of those rare moments when he embraced me, he is shy that ways and i guess I am too.

CalmWinds_Typhoons said...

Very sweet recollections!!
Ah those were the days ...
and to think that i couldnt wait to be grown up!!

thoughts said...

wish we could just stay kids :)

stan laurel said...

The tag game seems fun! I too miss aspects of my childhood. I think that is why we have certain experiences unique to being a child. We are innocent and can enjoy life in a way that sometimes disappears as we get older.

Ash said...

Very sweet !
Talcum game sounds like fun :)

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Don't mind being tagged but with my usual lack of tecno knolledge I don't know how to do the thing where you put your link in but will be posting some answers soon anyhow does that mean I have to tag others?

mermaid said...

Sweet memories of your childhood. Thanks for sharing.

Lorena said...

i'm glad you did it :) you had such wonderful memories. sliding on the talcum powder covered floor, that must have been fun!!
listening to stories, so great you appreciated that and now you have become great at that as well :)

i'm glad i got to know you just a little more!

joe said...

Hey I like the idea of the human Carom game you used to play. Sounds like a lot of fun.

stella said...

so sweet and cute! especially waiting in line for a bath. i can relate as i also grew up with siblings. :)

sal said...

Hey, my kids loving playing with talcum powder too.. sliding and all that. I'd start nagging but duh, they'll continue playing like I never existed.

Oh, and sometimes, I do join in the fun. Hehehe...

Beautiful childhood you had Gulbaby.

Smile. Stay happy.

small squirrel said...

and just when I was feeling bad, I read your childhood memories.,.. so beautiful and touching... warming... thanks for sharing!

bablu said...

Thanx for sharing your wonderful memories.

gulnaz said...

CalmWinds_Typhoons, even i couldnt wait to grow up and sometimes i think i still need to. :)
thanks for commenting, hope to see you in this space again. :)

thoughts, grown ups have fun too ;)

stan laurel, good to see you adrain. sometimes when i think about my childhood, i thank god for giving me a largely happy one...there are many whose childhood is not pretty at all. it really hurts to see kids like that.

Ash, Oh yea it was fun! lol.

Sue, hey you don't have to bother about the links, just put in the names without linking them. as far as tagging others do it if you want to or let it be. the childhood memories are the main part.

Mermaid, thanks! :))

Lorena, I am glad I got to know you too through yours. :)
this really was fun for me, especially when i have been cribbing in my heart lately, made me count my blessings.

Joe, lol, yes that's what we should have named it! btw i'm pathetic at carom, it hurts my fingers, ouch! :)

stella, lol. i really use to look forward to sundays. :))

woman, heyyy *hugs*
good that you allow your kids to play and even join in. they too will have beautiful memories. yes you are right, i did have a beautiful childhood. one tends to remember only the negative stuff. this reminded me about the good stuff.

:) take care.

small squirrel, why are you feeling bad? i hope you are feeling better now. I am glad you found them uplifting. I think you should post this meme too, you will like doing it too. :)

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Thank-you Gulnaz really enjoyed it. I'm not very well at the moment so it cheered me up

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Thank-you again have left you a slightly mispelt comment on my blog

KJ said...

Gulnaz: very sweet post especially when ur dad hugs you after u failed the exams. Cho chweet.....

gulnaz said...

Sue, hey i hope you get better soon and never mind the spellings. :)
i loved reading your answers!

bablu, thanks for reading them. :)

KJ, thank you! :)

Pallavi said...

Aww man reminded me of my childhood... hahah !! good one.. this actually makes you think :)

gulnaz said...

Pallavi, thanks! *chuckles* :))

angel-A said...

hi gulnaz!
thanks for tagging me, i realized that i didn't attend to my childhood memories for years....
will definitely do it in the nearest future, thank you for this wonderful occasion.

venus said...

Oh lucky you, sweet child of wonderful parents with loving siblings, full of innocence! Very good memories, my fav was talcum powder :)
Don;t u miss those days gulnaaz?

Avinash said...

You seem to be doing great for someone who flunked in fourth grade ;)
just kidding :)
Yes I guess we all miss old times...the most I miss about old times though is not having a care in the world and all the so called "responsibility" that comes with growing up!


Patry Francis said...

I love the way you wrote about your childhood. It was so tactile and specific. Reading it was like being in those rooms and skating across those talcum covered floors with you and your brothers.

Thanks for tagging me. This one really looks like fun.

gulnaz said...

Angel-A, I would love reading your answers when you post them. :)

Venus, i am not the nostalgic sort, but yes i do cherish my memories. btw, i crib a lot too...sound like a beeatch when i do that. ;)

Aviflunking fourth grade! imagine!! what shame!! till date i can never tell a child to study hard. lol. i still don't feel grown-up. :(


Patry, thanks, i am so glad you enjoyed reading it...i am looking forwar to read yours now. :)

. : A : . said...

Very nice recollections. They have a line running through them.

gulnaz said...

.:A:., thanks for spotting it. :)

finnegan said...

you've obviously got a tremendously close-knit family gulnaz. i envy you in the best sense, wishing i could have such warm familial reveries!

gulnaz said...

finnegan, things don't always remain the same but i am glad i had a lucky childhood. hugs.