Saturday, July 16, 2005

growind old

laughter lines
worry lines too
mum's tree rings.

clean rooms
in tidy corners.

Warm dinners
with aching feet.
growing old.


everyseven said...

Beautiful, beautiful! I just found your blog. Your haiku moves me. And your description, "a saint or a sinner, depending on the provocation" - I love that :) Your blog is something I look forward to exploring further.

irina said...

Kind of long for a haiku though...
Growind?... in French it would be called a mot-valise...
Grow + wind = growind...
Even if it is a mistake, it is a nice one :)

everyseven said...

I thought it was a neologism -- "growind". :)

Dale said...

(All the people who actually keep the world going, while self-important men in suits strike poses & find reasons for young people to kill each other.)

Lovely poem.

transience said...

you always pack a punch of poetry in every word, every line. you are wonderful.

Manjusha said...

I was wondering what growind was. Like the way irina put it.

Geetanjali said...

Oh I thought "growinD" was just a typo! ;-) But I liked that analysis there!

This was nice - complements that post on childhood beautifully! Haven't been browsing much becoz of a crazy schedule and apathy and general stress - I seem to have missed alot!

jonny ragel said...

so right. so stark. you have the ability to see things in front of us we often miss. that's rare. and wonderful. life is full of simple things.

mermaid said...

My goodness, you capture so much in so little. Amazing, Gulnaz!

Bonatellis said...

it's true .. i can't find the Mumbai mention on your blog anymore!! am i getting looney???

Akruti said...

beautiful,the more i read u,the more i admire u:) and by the way your long wait is over,i put in a few pictures of my house,hope u will like them:)

gulnaz said...

everyseven, You are too generous with your praise!! :))
not to say i'm complaining. ;) thank you!!!

irina, yes its not haiku proper. It was a typo but reading your analysis, i'm going to leave it that way, i like the sound, growind old makes when you say it aloud. :)

everyseven, it was merely a typo. :(

Dale, :) am glad you liked it.

transience, i love you are so sweet! :)))

Manjusha, i think we will stick to irina's version. :)

Geetanjaii, hey good to see you girl! i hope you are taking care of yourself, too much stress is not good. take a break once in a while. you were missed.

jon, its maybe because i lead such a simple life. :) hey thanks for that, it feels good to be appreciated.

mermaid, Thanks girl!! :))
since i don't know manywords i have to make do with few. ;)

Bonatellis, forgedabouddit :)

Akruti, I just saw the pictures and am so touched that you rememberd. that is a special kind of person who remembers. The one from the terrace is my favourite, the colour of the sky is purple, its amazing and thank you for all the nice things yousay. :)

CalmWinds_Typhoons said...

So simple and so beautiful

Jamie Dawn said...

I can relate completely with anything "tired" or "achy" right now.
If I'm going to have lines, I'd prefer laugh lines to worry lines, but life gives us both.

Lorena said...

you make it sound so lovely :)

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Lovely poem like the idea of mums having tree rings, much nicer than wrinkles. Like I said to my daughter when she asked I don't like growing old but the alternatives are much worse

Anil said... perfectly captured the vagaries of time gulnaz :)

. : A : . said...

Even I thought that the title was a typo but I liked the analysis that followed.


Nice piece.

gulnaz said...

CalmWinds, thanks!

Jamie, you must be really hurting right now...hope you get better soon. laughter lines, doesnt it sound like a limerick? :)

Lorena, if i do, then i am glad, thanks. :)

Sue, i liked the idea of tree rings because those lines are like growth and just as with the tree rings one can tell about the conditions the tree had to face in its lifetime, so one can tell looking at a person's face, how his life has been.

Anil, vagaries, that's a nice words...thanks! :)

.:A:., ;) thanks! :)

Jaxe said...

Hi Gul :-P

laughter lines
worry lines too
mum's tree rings.

I caught this the second time I read it. I think that's brilliant. Mum's tree rings. Wow, what a metaphor. Precious piece of work, Gul!!!

angel-A said...

dear Gulnaz and all your fellow bloggers, i want to share with you the photo-art of one of my friend - Sakura. if you follow this link you'll find a wonderful example of how one person can touch other lives through 'heartprints'.


thank you, and, gulnaz, i hope you don't mind that i use your blog to connect people to this beautiful person who left this world too early and whose tragical leave let many people to think once again how precious and fragile the life is and how meaningful are the connections between us.

Pecos Blue said...

mum's tree rings? Not sure? Made me smile.

Sk8RN said...

You are a goddess. It's like you read my mind. I am feeling so old today and am so very very happy not to be the only one feeling this way. Though your "growing old" sounds like it's got more charms than mine. I hope I'm getting laughter lines.

yvaine said...

"Mum's tree rings."

What a beautiful image! I wonder how many rings my own mother has grown because of me!

Mridula said...

I rarely read poetry as I find it very difficult to understand but this one, I really enjoyed.

Samudraa said...

"clean rooms
in tidy corners"

Amazing one that :)

Pallavi said...

ahh nice.. way to show the growth of life... growing old but gracefully :)

gulnaz said...

Jaxe, glad you liked it so! :) thanks! :)

angel-A, i don't mind in the least, in fact i am flattered that you chose my space to honour your freind. She must have been a wonderful person to be loved so. I hope god gives you the strength to bear her loss.
'heartprints' that is such a lovely word, wonder if i'll leave any. In fact, i'll post your comment on the main page.

Pecos Blue, :) good.

Sk8RN, :) i like being called that. lol. i hate growing old! ;) but this was one was for my mum, it pains me and scares me to see her getting old.
anyway, you are not old and i am sure you get a lot of laughter and giggles. :)

yvaine, well mine has grown many because of me. most mothers worry, dont they?

Mridula, I am happy that you enjoyed it. :)

Samudraa, Thanks and welcome aboard! :))

Pallavi, grace is a good word...doesnt come by easily though.

finnegan said...

i always thought a "growind" was an adolescent tornado.
sweet poem dear gulnaz. your confections always sprinkle me with charmwind. ;-/

gulnaz said...

finnegan your comments blow me away with sweewind. :))
growind seems just the word for adolescent tornados.
thank you, am glad you like my silly poems.

Misreflection said...

only catching up now, yeah I'm getting old, or life's moving too fast..;) like the flow of this one.. warm dinners , aching feet, oh boy I can relate. except in my case its burnt dinners.. of late LOL..

anumita said...

Brilliant poetry Gulnaz! I love the way you let lines say so much! It leaves a nice feeling.

gulnaz said...

missy, u make me laugh girl!! :)

anumita, thanks darling!

stan laurel said...

I know it is a bit inappropriate for me to complain about getting old, but this poem gives me permission to look forward to the process. You even make my aching feet seem welcome.

gulnaz said...

stan laurel, most of us fear getting old, me included but why not focus on the good parts. bah! i'm not saying the way i want to...i'm going to get myself a cup of coffee. :)