Monday, April 11, 2005


Dry wind
swirling motes of dust
Cover me

Rustling silk
She leans forward
He murmurs

Pale fingers
counting prayer-beads
Sins un-numbered

He watches her,
Storm rages at the window
She turns over


Misreflection said...

life's moments captured in words, who needs photos'huh? :)

Anil said...

snapshots they are indeed...almost haiku like...and how serene and calm they are...they have an inherent quietness at their heart that appeals to my melancholic soul...

M said...

Nice writing G...A mind who sees life so simply is indeed a beautiful mind.

stan laurel said...

moments are best captured in poem. You're invited:

sal said...

gulnaz, you're so talented.

bablu said...

So many things can be understood by saying so little. Amazing !

Geetanjali said...

It's interesting how you have narrated what's obviously a very intimate/sensual/private experience through the eyes of a third person...

Love the sensuousness of the 1st stanza...very very nice!

Jyotsna said...

Its beautiful,sensitive,soemthing very tentative about it and well expressed.I loved this!

Akruti said...

"Pale fingers,counting prayer beads,sins un-numbered "
i was the firstone to read this when u posted it,but then i had no owrds to describe what i felt,because simple words to describe the beauty,and i am not so good to analyse that:)
keep writing

eden said...

nice writing indeed!keep it up!

PoeticMermaid said...

I feel as if I've intruded on a serious moment in a play or a scene in a movie. The characters are caught in the moment like a fossil frozen and etched in rock.

I liked it.

gulnaz said...

Missy, thanks...but don't they say a picture is worth a thousand words. :)

Anil, almost haiku like but not quite...i cant handle its rules. thanking you for saying that it touched your heart.

M, beautiful mind....boy that is the most wonderful compliment, i have ever got! but i don't think its fair to claim it...nah...;)

stan laurel, thank you for inviting me to your are the poet...i just appreciate poetry. thank you for dropping by, hope to see you around here more often.

the woman, and woman you are so kind! most of my talents are quite useless actually. :)

bablu, understanding is not a function of verbosity. someone told me that i tend to ramble and that i must learn to speak as concisely as possible and hence the attemp. :)

Geetanjali, Merci M'elle G. ;)

Jyotsana, thank you for appreciating it so much. :)

Neelima, aww neel you are so sweet. :) you don't have to worry about being the first to write or not. simple words are the best, at least to me. thank you darling.

Eden, thanks :) and thanks again for visiting, come again :)

Poetic Mermaid, i'm glad you liked it. :) isnt life just a string of many moments...was just playing around. come again :)

. : A : . said...

Very well felt and written. Realy liked the snapshots! My favourite,

"He watches her,
Storm rages at the window
She turns over"

gulnaz said...

.:A:. thank :):)

Anonymous said...

be thankful for this poetry site
where you can say….
whatever is in your heart
be grateful for freedom of speech

though many proclaim it
you won’t find it within their gates

as you experience the release
of penning your love, joys, sorrows
indignant anger and fear
be thankful it won’t be deleted

like it is some places where
they hate the truth and your liberty

be thankful for other poets
who share your vision and honor you
as an artist and a person
and are supportive of each other

you can express you political views
without fear of retaliation

and speak of your faith
without censorship or persecution

when poetry is unbound, appreciated
we all gain, be thankful and stay free