Monday, April 18, 2005

Family Ties

saturday night
the train leaves
another goodbye.

words held back
emotions reined in
see you again

fumbling growth
bonds weaken
ties strengthen

new moon
a sliver of silver
another begining


Misreflection said...

Nice work GS, this got to me as I hate goodbyes, but then again who doesn't."words held back" , sad when you think you may never get another chance.. but then again- new moon always makes one glad I suppose.:)

MM said...

All that is left unsaid, is felt here.

Geetanjali said...

"fumbling growth
bonds weaken
ties strengthen"

Love this bit!

deewani said...

Lovely words Gulnaz :-) I wish I could be as expressive as this.

la devil said...

goodbyes are so difficult...
las fri was the las day of coll
next week m leavin for pune....
i can sooo relate to ur poem
good work...keep writing :)

bablu said...

Thats a bitter sweet post. Guess we gotta pull up our socks and get going. After all its a new day tomorrow, right ?

Akruti said...

Life from a full moon to no moon,life with smiles and with tears,with the joy of meeting u r lovedones and at times with departs of the one whom u love the most,Well it still amazes me with its endless emotions.

LoThAriO said...

hey gulnaz .. nice poetry..nice blog.. even nicer profile pic!! howya doin... ?

jane said...

very nicely written.. alomost inspirational... family ties captured in a few lines... :)

M said...


sal said...

yea, i guess its nice. :P
missed you gulnaz.

bablu said...

Saturday night reminds me of
This Def Leppard song.

"Saturday night
Im high and dry.
I got my whiskey.
I got my wine.
I got my woman to take me through the night.
Im not a dreamer.
Im not a fool.
Saturday night.
Im high n dry."

Pincushion said...

'Another beginning...'

An ending is always the beginning of something new, isn't it?! Endings are so hard and goodbyes never easy but then theres always a new beginning to look forward to..

Pincushion said...

...and thank you for linking to me, it's an honour :)

Jyotsna said...

This is beautifully expressed beginnings are always around the corner along with endings like the cycle of life:)

gulnaz said...

misreflection, yep missy goobyes are awful things! as a kid i wd get a fever at such times, as a kid i wd hv fever or vomit at anything which disturbed me, even violence on tv.

MM, thank you MM. If you can feel the unsaid, then what is said must be allright. come again.

Geetanjali, thanks gee...isnt that how it is?

Deewani, thanks dee, to begin with i'm not that good but you are as expressive, you just don't post often enough.

la devil, thanks :) and all the best for what must be for you a new begining. I hope you have lots of fun along the way...devils need to..;)

bablu, life is bitter-sweet...somtimes the promise of a new day is all that we have.

Neelima, thanks neel, glad you liked it. :)

Lothario, spoken like your nick.. hehe..thanks and hey i'm doin' just fine, thank you :)

Jane, Thank you and i hope you visit again. :)

M, thanks :)

the woman, hey its nice to be missed. :) thanks :)

bablu, well, i hope you have a nice weekend and right now the only song of Def leppard's which is coming to my mind is 'lets get rocked'...wasnt a big fan of theirs.

Pincushion, Thank you. :) Endings are tough! and hey its my pleasure. :)

Jyotsna, Thanks jyo, its the beginings which give us the courage for getting through the least to me.

thoughts said...

words held back
emotions reined

happens a lot many times.. but is worse with goodbyes :)..
was gng thru ur last blog ... amazingly well written...cud identify with a lot many phases!!!

Joel said...

When I think of family ties, I think of handmedowns from my father....

_Soulless_ said...

loved the first two lines of the first three stanzas. so very touching. the images hit home. (pun intended. *sigh*)

bablu said...

"Do you want get rocked".
Have a nice week-end. Cheers !!!

gulnaz said...

thoughts, thank you and i'm glad you liked it. :) hope you visit again. :)

Joel, family ties are strangely compelling...and precious. thanks for visiting, i hope you visit again.

the_Soulless, thanks...pun appreciated. :)

. : A : . said...

"fumbling growth
bonds weaken
ties strengthen"

I found this bit really interesting. Particularly because of the the contrast between bonds weakening and ties strengthening at the same time. Well written!

gulnaz said...

.:A:., thanks :) am learning to appreciate the contrast between the two.