Monday, April 25, 2005

Muchos smooches

The sweetest smile in the world, pitter-patter of busy feet and a big soft tummy, that’s my mommy. She believes everything in the world can be handled, with a cheerful smile and brisk action. A beautiful woman, she has given so much of herself to her family, that I don’t think she has anything left for herself. There is so much I love about her and so much which she has taught me.

Its my parents wedding anniversary tomorrow and its followed by my b’day the next day. I would always tease them saying, look god has given you a wedding gift in me but to be honest they are my most special gifts.

My dad: shaved, showered dressed every morning, early, ready to work, ready to take on the world…every day of his life. Struggling, grappling with problems, sour but always trying his best. His naiveté, his simplicity…oh I could go on about my parents endlessly. There are many things we don’t agree upon but I love them so much! God bless them always!

My life is not what I wanted it to be but my parents are all that parents could be…. providers and nourishers…. selfish me.


sal said...

That's sweet gulnaz. It's definitely good to know that parents' are well appreciated by their kids.

Actually, I could go on endlessly about my babies too. :)

When's your birthday big baby? :P

deewani said...

Where would we be without our parents? We may not see eye to eye all the time but in times of sorrow or trouble we can always count on them to be there. I only have my mum left, as my dad passed away 18 years ago, and even though we haven't been close I know I can count on her support and love.

Deb said...

What a beautiful tribute to your parents. They are fortunate to have you, too.

mermaid said...

As a future mother, I am finally beginning to understand and appreciate why my parents have raised me a certain way. Sometimes I hated them, at other times, I loved them more than anything. All in all, they always had the best intentions.

Make sure your mother pays some attention to herself. Pakistani/Indian women, whether they are Hindu, Muslim, Christian, etc, are never taught to indulge until the rest of the world is smiling. They deserve to indulge as well!!!

Cruel Angel said...

"She believes everything in the world can be handled, with a cheerful smile and brisk action."

An excellent philosophy for life. It would seem that you carry the same ideal. As everyone has already said, it is good that you love, and recognize your love for, your parents.

ps. If I don't get around to it tomorrow...Happy Birthday Gulnaz. Truly a great day for both you and your family.

stan laurel said...

Parents seem not of this earth: whether they are terribly abusive and indifferent to their children, or when they are amazing examples of the human spirit. Congratulation on their anniversary!

M said...

Congratulations to your parents..and an early Happy Birthday from me...

If it were not for procreation, parents and children,youth and age, life and death..what would this earth be?

Natalie said...

Happy birthday Gulnaz and many happy days always. And best wishes to your lovely parents from me and Augustine.

Joel said...

To have had good and loving parents -- that is a blessing greater than all the successes in life.

bablu said...

Here's wishing your parents a "Happy wedding anniversary" and you a "Happy Birthday" in advance. Where is the party ??? Cheers !

Misreflection said...

Hey GS, all the best to your folks , they sound like lovely people, and of course many happy returns to you.They are indeed lucky to have a daughter like you I only started to appreciate my parents after I became one myself, boy was that an eye opener :), but I'm doing the best I can and really thats exactly what they did too...
ps Don't hold back on your birthday ,girl , go wild and have lots of fun. fun. fun.. :) :) but take care..

jane said...

Parents..! Well u cant ever understand them.. i havent understood minne that is...!

gulnaz said...

woman, thanks :) i'm sure your babies love you as well, how many? :) i'm an old woman now b'day is on 27th. :)

deewani, I am sorry about your dad...its an irreplacable loss but still. If you can count on your mum to support you than you are close. *hug*

Deb, thanks deb and thanks for visiting. :)

Mermaid, Yeah thats what my mother tells me, "you'll know when you are a mother yourself". :)
Yes they give too much...i hv made her loosen up on that point a little bit by now, perhaps 'coz i'm so lazy. ;)

Cruel Angel, I'm hardly a patch on her. :) thank you soo much :):)

stan laurel, thanks. :) perhaps its the responsiblity of raising another human being that makes them so special and as for the meanies...well...i don't know what to say.

M, you forgot sex ;) thanks :):)

Natalie, tbanks a huge ton!! :)

Joel, yep its a blessing i wish every child has.

bablu, thanQ :)

Misreflection, thanks missy! :):) doing your best is all that counts. i give more more marks for effort as the result is affected by chance too, unlike effort.

jane, perhaps loving them is enough :)

thoughts said...

Hey many happy returns of the day ..its 5:30 am ur end - so a very happy b'day!

gulnaz said...

thoughts, good morning and thank you :)

bablu said...

Hum bade naaz se kahte hain - "27th April - The day the great poetess Gulnaz Sheikh was born". Everybody join me plzz ->
" Its a Hap hap happy b'day.
A hap happy bday to U.
Take a bow take a vow on ur b'day.
May u live to be a 103.
Cha cha cha.
Its a Hap hap happy b'day.
A hap happy bday to U."
Happy b'day GS. Have a blast.
Cheers !!!

Akruti said...

Happy birthday to u gulnaz,god bless u with many more happy and joyous and smiling occassions in life.hugs to u lady,god bless u.And ya,belated happy wedding aniversary to ur parents.have loads of fun

sal said...

Alright, it's not 28 yet.. so here you go..

Happy birthdayyy Gulnaz *hugs & smooches* smile smile.. be happy..
Hope you had a wonderful day.

ps: 3 lovelies and a young mummy I am. sigh.. got married very young.. oops. I must not be revealing myself here huh? oh blah.

anyways, take care. I'll be back to read you.

deewani said...

Happy Birthday Gulnaz. Wishing you lots of happiness today and always :-) {{HUG}}

eden said...

belated happy wedding anniversary to you parents and a best wishes for you birthday as well.............

good luck and God bless!

gulnaz said...

thank you so much...all you guys...hope you let me know when its my turn to greet.:):)

bablu said...

How did you celebrate your b'day?

. : A : . said...

A belated happy birthday to you and congratulations to your parents.

"A beautiful woman, she has given so much of herself to her family, that I don’t think she has anything left for herself."

This line is so true of mothers.

gulnaz said...

.:A:., thanks :):)
mums are special people.