Friday, April 22, 2005

From an earlier journal

curled yellow leaves,
scattered on the still wet ground.
remains of the storm last night.
sunflowers in a vase,
catch the falling sun through the window.
while she sleeps at her desk.
early spring morning,
rustling leaves and dancing sunbeams.
kitty goes looking for breakfast.


Jyotsna said...

This took be back to my childhood...i dont know why and i have always loved dancing sunbeams.Simple and striking.'and hey i am an ardent cat lover:)

deewani said...

This stirs up many feelings. I love spring mornings when the sun is just breaking through. It brings me peace within.

mermaid said...

I love the picture this captures, transition of wet leaves to filtered sunlight, Winter to Spring, cold to warm, despair to hope.

jonny ragel said...

thanks. I really like your poetry. and I hope your cat found something delicious to eat. I've heard the mice in india are a little spicy though...

la devil said...

while she sleeps at her desk....liked that :)
my cat jus brushes against my legs waitin for me to feed him bread *rolling eyes*

stan laurel said...

I love how you describe these things. I often try to emulate Williams, but I feel I cannot capture the simplicity of everyday life. I feel you have.

Joel said...

As I write this, kitty is at my feet begging to be fed.

American cats are so spoiled.

Akruti said...

Well,is it one of those days when we just drift of into dreams,one of those spring days,when everything is so beautiful,so full of life,u just need an eye to feel it.
Well,u sure feel it gul,wonderful expressions:)

. : A : . said...

These snippets were beautiful. I was trying to decide which one was my favourite but I like all of them so much that I am not even going to bother!


Keep it coming!

PS - Finally managed to catch up with you last few posts. ;-)

bablu said...

"curled yellow leaves,
scattered on the still wet ground.
remains of the storm last night."
Well written ....

Misreflection said...

Hey Gs, I love the sunflowers bit, and somehow it takes me back too, to my days of study where I spent most of time alseep on my desk :)

gulnaz said...

Jyotsna, sunbeams are rarely more prettier than as a child. i was and am a dog-lover but a neighbourhood cat has adopted in love with her. :)

deewani, spring mornings are beautiful. :)

mermaid, that's my life for you...always searching for hope even when its not there.

johnny crash, :) thank you to you too. :) she is very fastidious and apparently she doest like mice as i just saw one little mouse trying to clamber up the stairs a little while ago. everything in india is spicy...:)

la devil, thanks :) i'm begining to learn what drama queens cats can be. :)

stan laurel thank you so much! You write much better than me, honestly. I just lead a simple boring life, hence the words.

Joel, they are such sweethearts when they beg like that. :)

Neelima, thanks, its good to be appreciated. :)

.:A:., hey that's so sweet of you and glad you finally commented :) i'm never sure if i can write again.

bablu, thank U :)

Misreflection, thanks missy :) arent sunflowers such cheerful little troopers!

iamnasra said...

This is like Haiku ...the way your reflect nature ...good work I loved it