Tuesday, September 01, 2009

on a dark night

as she sat there in the corner, sunbeams kissed her feet warm; incomplete phrases vied for attention. a night lit by a thousand candles; a field of lavender blooms; a half-baked moon and a couple of sweet danish pastries; pretty things to carry on her arm and colours as many as butterflies strewn across silk softer than the powder on their wings and the firefly...oh the firefly, the darkness turned into a cloak of black velvet by the firefly.

she collected these thoughts as the pool of light grew larger and enveloped her. someday, she hoped, those thoughts will become into fireflies to light up your darkness.


iamnasra said...

Its so magical if love can be so magical and linger endless ..


RBroeker said...

Nice scene. Wonder who's drakness will be light up ...

Best wishes

Devika said...

Wonderful verse, Gulnaz....

For some reason a Neruda quote came to mind :

"Poetry is a deep inner calling in man; from it came liturgy, the psalms, and also the content of religions. The poet confronted nature's phenomena and in the early ages called himself a priest, to safeguard his vocation . . . . Today's social poet is still a member of the earliest order of priests. In the old days he made his pact with the darkness, and now he must interpret the light."

Its not the darkness that is today's threat to our understanding and life ahead Gulnaz....its the light! :)


anonant said...

So many beautiful pieces.
I believe the heart of a poet
is lit by the heat sun on one side
and the other is cooled by the moon
and poetry is what comes from their soul as they slowly freeze/cook over and over and over again.

Yafiah said...

Gulnaz you have an impressive ability to bring the world of the imaginal into words that touch and delight and take us into that place of where unity is apparent in the diversity of creation. Have you ever written a novel or short stories for publication?

gulnaz said...

nasra- it can be i am sure :)

Ralf- i hope mine is ...:)

Devika - hmmm.... heavy stuff... i just write what comes... i am not very well-read sweetie :)

anonat- thank you!! you are right about the process :)

Yafiah- wow!!! thank you!!!! :))) no... never written a novel or anything like that..