Sunday, September 20, 2009

not now

she averted her gaze, when she saw him sitting there drinking coffee. the diamond in her ear did not shine as brilliantly as the teardrop caught in her lashes. it had not been easy for her to accept the ending that had been imposed on her. the summer had left tangles and knots in her dark hair and the sun crushed violet stains on those sun kissed cheeks. and then he saw her biting down her lip, hard... a surge of memories as the bitter, hot coffee scalded his tounge.


Janice Thomson said...

"...sun crushed violet stains..." -
sometimes your phrases are incredibly intense... and brilliant. Poignant words Gulnaz.

C.J.Duffy said...

I agree with Janice, intense and brilliant.

Pallavi said...

I can touch that feeling..

RBroeker said...

Great café scene.

Best wishes

Magyar said...

Grand... !
__I really like the tear drop out-shining the diamond. _m

Alien said...

Intense imagery ....good to be back here.

Devika said...

hair is a nuisance, sais my sisters and they cut it short at 35/36....and look real chic at 46/44....i like long hair and keep it, but then you got to take care that it doesn't mess up - summer or winter!

haha! what am i talking about after reading such a fine piece! lovely always,

Oh got a real beautiful gorgeous and sensuous face...Love it! :) (hope you don't mind me saying that....I'd once fumed at someone for saying so to when its okay (!?)no one says!! :)


gulnaz said...

Janice- thanks!!! thanks!! good to be appreciated so! :)))

CJ- oh just the words i needed to make me smile through all the snivelling and sneezing this sinusitis is putting me through!!

Pallavi- honoured :)

RBroeker- :)) danke schon :)

Magyar- thank you!! these words were partly inspired by a photo... if you are on facebook, i can send u the link.

Alien- good to have you back!! :))

Devika- oh my, my such compliments!!! thank you!!! ;)))) compliments are always welcome :)) btw you have a beautiful, strong face with lovely big eyes, very balanced features!

Devika said...

ha! this is as if i have asked for it!! :)))

anyway, thank you, Gulanz..that was nice to have and know a young woman I was given this impression that being sensuous was my society...(Now do I care?? -- cant say I damn care! :)

such is the sad state of the Indian woman and I am quite sure you won't disagree :)


Devika said...

Oh typo in the name ...Gulnaz..sorry Gulnaz :)


gulnaz said...

Devika- don't be silly you know you are attractive! :)) you know growing up i read this article in an indian magazine... don't remember the details but it was about how sensuality was basically about enjoying our own senses, our own being confirmed what i inherently know as a taurean lolz but i know what you mean and sensuality has got nothing to do with age... its about putting on nail paint to make your hands look pretty; enjoying clean fresh smelling sheets, enjoying the feel of silk against your ankles, enjoying the scent of freshly shampooed hair, getting your head massaged... its all about enjoying yourself... celebrating yourself in the flesh sounds a bit pomous lolz! if i may suggest, open your hair... wear a chiffon or a lighter fabric sari... put some lipstick... enjoy the beauty god has given you and he has ;)

Devika said...

I know Gulnaz...and I 'Celebrate and Sing Myself'...but in my way :)

for inspiration I read Neruda's 'Celebrate and Sing Myself' :)

and I wish the people here do that tooo....! (thats just a part of my celebrating myself! :)


Devika said...

acha the name of the poem is 'Song of Myself' - i guess you would know :)


Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Plaintive and colourful, love the one below too

Devika said...

Gulnaz....time for a new one :)


Pat Paulk said...

It's been tooooo long since I've read your beautiful words. A rainy day has afforded me this wonderful opportunity. Always awed by your poetry.

Anonymous said...

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