Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dear God

i am pleased. liar.
are you smiling?
and what about the hurt that you bear?  that you hide?

i hide my nakedness in your white woven wool, it scratches my skin as i fight to retain it from the shameless winds.  

i'm standing on the roof, the blue skies above me, the white washed walls beneath my feet.  i begin to climb down the stairs but stop to see women wrapped in white surrendering to Allah in prayer under a swaying palm.  

Make it easy for me, I pray.  I bow.  Just the way it should be.  Just the way it is meant to be.


Devika said...

A sinner's confession?
A shining mind, i could see...

Good write, Gulnaz :)

Season's Greetings, dear

anonant said...

Prayers to God
to ease the pains of life
prayers to God
to ease the fear being a wife
Prayers to God
to find faith to be faithful
Prayers to God

What is your native toungue? Hindi?
Merry Christmas to you and yours. There is a poignancy in this peice.

gulnaz said...

Devika- Thanks and Happy New Year to you too! :)

anonant- thanks for sharing your verse and my mother tounge is urdu/hindi....Merry Christmas and all the best for 2009!

Janice Thomson said...

Season's greetings to you and your family Gulnaz - may 2009 be full of peace and joy for you.
Sorry I've not been around - a lot happening these last few months.

gulnaz said...

Janice- thanks and wishing the very best to you too dear Janice! I hope good things have been keeping you busy!

iamnasra said...

its been a hile but coming back is alway as sweet as ever to your words

iamnasra said...

its been awhile

gulnaz said...

nasra- you are kind but i like that you find your return sweet as ever, thank you!

gel said...

Strong images
It's compelling to read of all the "white" descriptions and think of the larger meanings of sky, prayer, angels, purity and more...

I hope you're doing well.


Violetwrites said...

The flow continues although I read backwards
oh well just like a jew to do that...

devingel said...

This is gorgeous Gulnaz! Conversations with god are always this revenrent?

gulnaz said...

gel- thanks darling!!!

violetwrites- hehe :) thanks!!

devingel- sometimes sweetie...most times i'm too numb.

SAMMb said...

... :)