Friday, November 28, 2008

darkness of the mind

nights stained with apologetic darkness minds and thoughts therein.  churning in pain, looking for a way out and yet engulfing every flicker of light that comes by.

tomorrow the sun will be bright and warm on my back. tomorrow i will try and make sense of this unabated madness.


Janice Thomson said... of the most famous books ends with "Tomorrow's another day"(Gone With The Wind). Tomorrow always brings the chance to start again.
Hope all is well with you Gulnaz.


hmmm.....miss gulnaz ....wats that unabated madness.....?

gulnaz said...

Janice - I am good, thanks Janice, just constantly amazed at my errors of judgement. This was also in part my response to what was happeneing in Mumbai for the last few days...the massacare, the madness...i still don't understand what makes people kill so.

Farhan- the continuing madness that we have been witnessing in Mumbai.

Devika said...

Hi Gulnaz!

whats happening there...
hope its al fine with you..
I've seen your reply to Janice...
that makes som sense..

btw, what kind of a kindred soul are me you seem A KIND OF A SOUL...

Oh yeah..even I am One of a Kind...anyway,

the writing here is good...though the thoughts are slightly offtrack to me :)


gulnaz said...

Devika- am good thanks...sometimes nothing makes sense and this post reflects that to some degree:)

Ye manzilen !! said...

Long time....How u been? Yes, Mumbai went thru a lot these four days..

anonant said...

With apologetic darkness
With the sense of being helpless
By those possessed of the madness

There will come a day when the heart of man will rule with it's greatest strength, that of love.
Sadly hate is the only way out for those focus on only the differences between people instead of those things that are universal. A bullet does not change an enemy into a friend it ends him.

The sun does help warm the soul, thank you Gulnaz for this post.

mermaid said...

I used to run like hell from the darkness, till I got tired of running, and lay still enough to feel what I could not see.

Doug P. Baker said...

Much to meditate on here. . .

Blessings to you

C.J.Duffy said...

I think we all can relate to this in someway.

Devika said...

this darkness of the mind has to abate Gulnaz...

high time you come out and post a new one:)


anonant said...

I concur w/Devika go watch the sunrise and smile!