Saturday, September 16, 2006


everything dissolves like sweat on tar. the sun is on my back and you. you don't know who i am. i want you to know. you burn me and so the sun too. too bright to see anything. maybe the clouds will take your shine away. i turn around to face you, my eyes are barely open and my heart too. come back another day, mabye you will come back another day. i hope but i don't say. grimy tears and sweaty hands, i say i'm just running a fever today. it must be the damn weather you say.
you. just an insignificant detail of my life. passing and losing relevance with each day but some days go by slowly and some days don't go at all.


Lorena said...

wow gulnaz this is beautiful. you pack so much emotion in your words. i know the feeling here! it's all too familiar. and i love the closing line, "and some days don't go at all."


gulnaz said...

lorena- don't they!!! am so very happy that you liked it! thanks girl!

Merryweather said...

beautiful :)

Cherie! said...

Astonishingly beautiful!

zingtrial said...

This is good writting liked it
Wish you well

gulnaz said...

merryweather- gracias!:)

Cherie!- merci mon ami! :)

zingtrail- it feels nice to be appreciated so! thank you!

Cocaine Jesus said...

exceptional. an emotional rush with and ending that grips my mind and heart. exceptional.

Hazel Dream said...

you. just an insignificant detail of my life....
hmm our purpose of life is so selfish .. I am scared of it

Pecos Blue said...

very warm I can feel the sun.

gulnaz said...

CJ- and that gave me a HUGE HUGE smile!!! :) thank you!!!

Hazel Dream- where did you get the idea that 'we' are not selfish creatures...we all are. :) Its only when we let our selfishness become wanton that the problems begin.

Pecos blue- hmmmmm.....and does it feeln nice.
thank you.

Patry Francis said...

Oh, that last sentence is very powerful. What happens to a day that doesn't end?

mermaid said...

Thoughts can be blinding or warming, like the sun. People can be the same way. This post reminds me of a thermostat we wish we could turn up or down, depending on the degree of -.

Misreflection said...

"the insignificant detail of my life" .... woven into your tapestry that makes you the significant person you are.One wonders then just how insignificant anything in your life could be..

**SilvermOOn** GEL said...

So happy to see you writing here again! Your title reminds me of memories "tapping my mind" or "tap dancing on my mind."
I particularly like your opening gem "everything dissolves like sweat on tar" and "just an insignificant detail of my life..."

Russell Ragsdale said...

The day we keep living and it goes nowhere. You have us all thinking, feeling, reeling at the beauty of your words.

manu said...

you burn me and so the sun too

the willingness to sacrifice is all too strong in us
and dunno if that is often a good thing or not


Joel said...

Welcome back!

gulnaz said...

Patry- you don't know what a buzz it gives me to be appreciated by you!!! :))) thanks!!! the days which trickle so are torture!

Mermaid- aint it so now!! i want to find that thermostat, i'm sure it exists, gotta figure out how to use it.

Missy- awwww!!! :)) some 'things' are better off turning insignificant, i'd say.

silvermoon gel- thank you so so so much!!! sometimes all you are consious of is the tap- tap- tapping of thoughts.

Russell- you are too kind sir! :) ....sadly we all have known those never-ending days.

manu- ...if the sacrifice makes you happy, then yes.

joel- thanks, am so happy to see you in my space again! :)

zingtrial said...

Hi This is a nice posting
Liked reading through again I agree with manu.. if the sacrifice makes you happy than why not And me having one of those never-ending days or is it weeks He!He!He!
Wish you well

M. Shahin said...

"passing and losing relevance with each day but some days go by slowly and some days don't go at all."

Excellent! I like the emotions you create throughout and you are deeply descriptive because I felt the mood entirely.

I like your blog and the quote at the top. One of my personal favorites too. I love poetry and quotes.

I'll be checking back often. Thanks for sharing :-)

zhoen said...

I had no idea you'd started writing again. So good to hear from you, see you writing again.

nemetona said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog :) I like your use of words, and the effect you create while using them. I feel a very raw emotion within your words and I can sense it entirely.

If you'll continue updating, I'll continue coming back :)

gulnaz said...

zingtrail- thanks....and thanks again! wishing you well too. :)

m. shahin- you are very generous with your praise, thank you, its always welcome. :)
aint it a gem, the above quote!!!

zhoen- happy to hear from you again! :)

nemetona- well then i hope i keep updating! :)
thanks for the lovely words!

mike smith said...

marvellous and simple and complex and ...are attracted like magpies and Marlins to others that make time stop.

really sharp writing :-)