Wednesday, September 27, 2006

autumn fires

i'm lost and blown away
carry me home
scar tissues, purple and blue
mama's kisses don't make them good now.
battle weary beliefs
how long will i carry their torn banner
autumn fires
make me think about you
and i don't even know your name.


velvetgunther said...

One day, you will know the name

Pat Paulk said...

Longing for that one person. Universal in heart, description and even pain. Excellent poem!!

mermaid said...

A torn leaf, or maybe a heart, or maybe even a letter.

We lost you last November. Autumn does not have to be the foreshadowing of an ominous winter. It could be a reminder to rest and savor the warmth within.

Amalendu said...

lovely write Gulnaz...

M. Shahin said...

Very beautiful with an ache to it. This poem was very touching and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing it with us :-)

Plus Ultra said...

Lovely poem,I am particularly interested in Asians writing in English and I know there quite a few of us who do that..keep in touch

zingtrial said...

This is good writing.I am glad you are you and shared it with others.Thanks liked it
Wish you well my friend

Anonymous said...

soulful melody!
as fresh as ever :)
which signifies:
kisses do work,
beliefs though weary,
have enough strength
to help you
with your search for your HOME.

vibhor said...

nice compositon...
soon you will know the name..

gulnaz said...

velvetgunther- god willing! thanks for the visit, keep coming by!

Pat Paulk- thank you!!!! i was having doubts about posting it...thouhgt it was silly and childish but well i felt it, so...

Mermaid- oh this means so much to me!!! thanks! XOXOX

amalendu- thank you! come back again! :)

m. shahin- am so happy that you liked it, i wasnt so sure about posting it initially. :)

plus ultra- sure will!! thank you!!

zingtrail- oh you keep me wishing me well!! :)
sometimes i'm not so glad to be me, such a nice thing to be told. thank you, and keep visiting!

anon- you are such a sweetheart whoever you are, god bless you!!!! XOXOXO!!!

vibhor- i hope so too..... thank you! come by again!

Pecos Blue said...

this was very strong I liked it--hope you learn the name when you are ready.

manu said...

if wishes were true and horses could fly

then that wud be me.

but then

the only good things we get are the one's we wish for, the rest are all unwanted good, bad or ugly, unwanted all the same

Misreflection said...

Hey you write a poem for us all.. thank you.. :)Let time do its job and in the meanwhile I hope you find ways in which to nurse your bruises. Lots of love as always.

Roger Stevens said...

Mama's kisses.

Papa's hand.

A sky you remember

But can't understand.

Friends who are shadows.

And were you to blame?

He promised you so much -

But held back his name.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Lovely poem so sad and plaintive like the end of the summer

Hazel Dream said...

A fallen tear
searching for cheek to rest ??
or torn emotion searching for tears??
is that a fallen leaf in spring
crying at her destiny ??

Sir Dirty Joke said...


gulnaz said...

Pecos Blue- yes i think you are right, its when we are ready for something, that that something arrives. :) thanks!

manu- awwww please!!! now don't be such a fool! and remember good stuff even if its not asked for, is good nonetheless, you need to learn to appreciate what you got. :)

missy- i'm glad you think so! :) kisses!!!

Roger Stevens- this is so good!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!

Sue- am honoured that YOU should think so!

Hazel dream- perhaps... :)

dirty joke sir- thank you and what a cute pic, keep coming!

Cherie! said...

This is so nice oh oh oh!!!

gulnaz said...

cherie- merci mon cherie! :)