Sunday, August 19, 2007


black streaks
down her cheeks
-remanants of him

he fades
in her endless smile
-a footnote

night breeze
whispers to the leaves
- a new moon


Alok said...

Gulnaz, u have a quality of breathing thru ur words !!!

anew! is not only getting over shadows .... u made me feel tht

it has an ingratiating feel to it ...



gulnaz said...

alok- ah! how do i say thank you! hugs!! :)

Alien said...

I absolutely loved the first one.. superb!!

Mind if I added you to my blog roll?

Anonymous said...

lovely words....they are having an effect, just like the trembling sound of the breeze in a forest...!

gulnaz said...

thanks!! :) and i would be pleased if you were to add me to your blog roll.

kaylan- ooh verry nice! thank you! ;)

africanfragments said...

a breath of fresh air,..sense of renewal a rebirth,..lovely

gulnaz said...

african fragments- that is the thing about life, we get so many chances at renewal.

Anonymous said...

exquisite! a blend of silence and peace, in its most constricted forms!
don't know whether shd write or not.. still..

he fades in her endless smile
why a footnote? why not a requiem?
perhaps the peace!


gel said...

I adore the visual format of this poem. I can imagine "him" being remembered and feel that fading as your powerful words step across the page towards leaving...and renewal.

gulnaz said...

anon - a footnote becoz of 'him' losing importance and becoming subordinated to the more important event, that is life.
like the footnote at the bottome of the page, an explanatory note and not having more importance than that.

a requeiem is much more than a footnote, its an event in itself, a song for the dead, celebrating the dead and that is not what i was going for here.

i am so glad and honoured that you like my words so much and reflect upon them, that in itself is a compliment! thanks!

i thought the tersness worked with the constricted words... happy that you liked it. :)

gel- you are such a visual person yourself, so coming from you i'm so pleased with myself that you apprecaited it. it was a delibrate attempt to add a layer. such fun to be appreciated so! :)

Amalendu said...

a lovely write Gulnaz...I feel like I am owning your words...

gulnaz said...

amalendu- that's an incredibly wonderful thing to say...thanks!

Raza Rumi said...

Gulnaz:It is a pleasure to have discovered your blog.
And I loved this poem by the way - straight from the heart and breezy in effect..

Alien said...

done ... thanks

gulnaz said...

raza rumi- thanks a lot for your kind praise!

alien- :)

Pat Paulk said...

These are fantastic!! I especially love the last one.

gulnaz said...

pat paulk- thanks!!!

cyclopseven said...

wow! effectively reaches my heart. my salute gulnaz.