Monday, July 16, 2007

Tagged By Cocaine Jesus

Hey CJ This is for you:

1. I have a strangely wide huge variety of tastes, in almost all things and sometimes they contradict each other. So I have to hide many of my pleasures or would rather not discuss them as I don't like to be judged.

2. I love all things beautiful, skies, flowers, words, expressions, acts, fabric, music, moon, rain, paintings, a well turned out cake, a kid's smile....endless really the amount of beauty in this world.

3. There is something tremendously satisfying about reading a book, the experience of its pleasure is something I look forward to and start craving when I haven’t been able to indulge myself in it for a very long time, like now.

4. I am a terribly, staunchly loyal person and am deeply, deeply hurt when people betray me, though after the initial shock, I bury it deep down, get on with the person....I don't much like confrontations, though I have long drawn out scenes in my head but there is something very distasteful about getting angry with another person. Perhaps I am wrong but...

5. I love to dance; there is something uniquely relaxing about it.

6. I am a worrier, should have probably written that in caps, highlighted it, underlined it and even then not fully conveyed how much of a worrier I am. I need to have positive people around me and I try not to think negatively as it can bring me down faster than a ton of bricks.

7. I am a caffeine addict and I have no desire to quit.

8. I have never liked borders and limits. I love to indulge myself till I make myself sick but I do it very very rarely and I don't think its healthy either. Its childish and crazy but that is how I am. I wish I could do so without hurting myself but growing up is about accepting consequences for your actions and hence one has to be responsible.

Now my turn to tag:

Patry Francis
Pat Paulk

Please write 8 random facts about yourself and post in on your respective blogs, in case any body wants to post here in the comment section, feel at home.


zhoen said...

I'm not sure I understand the meme, please 'splain.

gulnaz said...

I'm sorry, i just dashed off the post in a rush and I can see i havent even wrote what it is about, so sorry. I was tagged by CJ to write 8 random facts about me and hence you are required to do the same. :)

Misreflection said...

hey Gul, good to know you still think of me.. :-) I'll try my best to post something..

gulnaz said...

missy - what a silly think to say! i never forget freinds and i've got an idea that i want to discuss with you, will write to you later about it.

cocaine jesus said...

thanks gulnaz. i appreciate your doing this. good to see misreflection is still blogging too. i get so little time to visit friends sites these days that i am surprised and moved by yours and other peoples loyallty to me and my words.
from a crap blog mate, thanks again.

iamnasra said...

Its so good to see you back..trid to call you also

gulnaz said...

Cj- Glad you like it and i can totally understand, please don't feel sorry...i'm myself not getting much time nowadays to visit my blog mates and i hate it but well...still its always a joy to go back to your freinds blogs. i don't like to lose people.

nasra- i've been thinking about you, wondering how things are with you....there must be probably something wrong with the network...write to me.

{illyria} said...

it's nice to know little things about the people who've come to mean so much to you over the years. so thank you, gulnaz.

i'll try to do mine soon. :)

gulnaz said...

{illyria}: my sentiments exactly! :)) i look forward to reading your and thanks for sharing yourself so.

ayesha said...

I drop by this space every now and then,expecting updates.LOVE the way you articulate!


gulnaz said...

ayesha - thanks a lot and it is so kind and sweet of you girl, to write such encouraging words. i wish you would leave behind your email id or blog address