Sunday, June 24, 2007

rambling like the rain

inky blue clouds
glimpses of memories
m i s p l a c e d

still shivering leaves

..........................rain lashed

........................................and dripping

beats from a drum

boom boom boom

getting higher

tripping away

free in the air

your love

free in the air

words destructured

form broken

new meanings found

yet the old not fortgotten

the beats in the air


the beats in my head

so wild and free

like you free


Smita said...

Freedom.. the eternal human quest. Good stuff

cocaine jesus said...

makes me think of glastonbury. lord knows why. all that feel of space and freedom maybe. good though, very good.

gulnaz said...

smita- thanks girl and its a priceless commodity!

CJ- :) funny that you should thnk of glastonbury, as i was writing it, even though i'm miles away and our rains are quite differnt, its exactly the kind of place i was thinking of and the music! :) so happy that you liked it and i'm so happy it made u think so. :)

e said...

Reminds me of, "Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain..." somehow. Neat!

Anonymous said...

thank god u wrote! Gul a nice beginning! boom boom boom!
just let it free!


{illyria} said...

i've just recently been back myself. oh, how i've missed you and your beautiful words.

gulnaz said...

e - i havent heard that one i think....who has done it but i am damn pleased that it reminds you of a song, i love songs!

anon- awww :)

illyria - you sweet girl!!!!
you are just too sweet!! thank yo!! xxoxx i had been to yours recently and i noticed the not here signboard, so i'm happy that my favourite one is back.

d said...

if i may,

something i have oft repeated
and i think to you too once.

the one freedom we are all given, though a vast majority of us, give it away

and thats the freedom to move,
move what, move our minds, move our thoughts, move all that we chose not to accept as is where is.
move ourselves.

isnt that what differs us from the rose bush withering in the sun, drying, dying whatever

Pallavi said...

good to read you after a long time.. :)

gulnaz said...

pallavi- thanks but i'm just not fininding enough time to kind of sit back and let the thoughts flow thru :(

nomadicsoul said...

these words definately have a beat.. i like!

masti ki paathshala said...

great you are back.

yeah free
break free
of the shackles,
free like a bird,
to be where i want to be .

gulnaz said...

nomadic soul- good, i like words with beat :)

masti ki paathshala - your name says it all and your words speak even more. thanks!

floots said...

dancing to our own pulse
always the best
(i think i'll play a melody though - my dancing is not good) :)

gulnaz said...

floots- you are right :)