Saturday, October 28, 2006


I have been tagged by Mridula so here goes:

8 things about me:

  1. i spoil things for myself, self-destructive or maybe just somebody who doesnt like herself.
  2. i get emotional about stuff which perhaps exist only in my own mind.
  3. i feel embarrassed about confronting people if i have caught them lying. i forgive easily but if my forgiveness is not sought then its not so easy and then i become long on forgettting. i'm working on forgiving for the love of god, for letting go.
  4. i tend to binge, eat compulsively and worse, sabotaging my own efforts.
  5. it hurts me to see people in pain.
  6. i still miss my dear old gucci who died 3 years back. she died in childbirth and i swear i wanted to kill all her kids. i didnt but i didnt even see them. i had cared for the bitch when she was tiny, nights and days for months as she had contracted parvo and the useless vets in my lil town had given up on her. since then i have lost the strength to care for another dog now. never again.
  7. i connect with all sorts of people and my connections are kinda weird...i care deeply for them even though i might never see them.
  8. Violent hostile people scare me but only upto the point they make me really angry and then i can get quite aggressive and lose all fear.
Now I have to tag 6 people in return...this is something i always feel nervous about as i'm not sure it will be welcome...hence its an open invitation to everybody to reveal 8 things about themselves. people you are free to post here or alternatively at your blog if you so choose to.

to summarise the rules of this tag, you have to mention the name of the person who tagged you, write 8 things about yourself and then tag 6 get busy postin' and taggin'....hurrrrrrry!!!!!!!!

i would love to know more about the people who visit my blog and it can be a fetish for ossu boccu to a phobia for scratchy sounds....anything.


mermaid said...

Gulnaz, this is so revealing. You wear yourself as an intimate work of art, open for prying eyes and subject to every criticism. It's what I love about you!

zhoen said...


This makes me so sad for you, for so many reasons. None of this has to be this way, and you are depriving yourself of so much by nursing your pain so. Your sensitivity is familiar, and valuable. So you need to learn some really good strengths to protect your sensitivity.

Mridula said...

Gulnaz, thanks for doing the tag. I perfectly well identify with your fear of tagging others, I myself hace rarely done it.

In fact, when you were not writing in between I sort of thought you would probably never come back online again. It is so good to see you writing again.

Cherie! said...

Very honest, must take some courage to be that bold. Thank you for sharing.

gulnaz said...

mermaid- oh sweetie!!!! luv you!! XOXO

zhoen- you are so right, there is no value in nursing one's pain. i'm trying hard to develop that particular type of immunity.

mridula- hey you are welcome, it was a good exercise for me. i'm so touched that you missed me...hugs!!

cherie- it must have the lateness of the hour and the antihistamines i'm taking for the flu...i was strongly tempted to delete it later on. :) thanks.

but hey guys none of you have posted your own 8's??

engldolph said...

1. In a 7 deadly sins test, I score frighteningly high in lust and gluttony...although, if I keep up with this gluttony, there will be precious few interested in lusting with me!

2. There are times where I love my dog more than my wife....don't make me choose! (anyone who has owned an english cocker spaniel will understand this sentiment)

3. I don't own mobile phone.

4. I love walking on clifs above the sea

5. I have a love of rare, beautiful, traditional, exclusive, difficult, excentric things..and generally dislike mass modern culture, the majority, celebrity, yahoo news...

6. I think hearing and touch are the most important senses.

7. I think secrets and mystery are exceedingly important in life

8. I just tagged my dog...and she says: food, run in the park, cuddle on the couch, fight me for the tennis ball, sleep, open top sports car, food, did I mention food..


gulnaz said...

Mike (engldolph): thanks for posting the answers. i enjoyed reading them and the glimpse they offered.

best regards

dRoZzY!!! said...

now this is something cool.....
i am all set to get tagged!!!

to know 8 things about me... reach my blog

M. Shahin said...

Thanks for sharing a part of your personality with us. I'm with you on 5,7, and 8. 8 usually but not all the time. It is very hard to break my barrier, but once it is breached, you better watch out ;-)

This tagging thing has been going around and it is fun to read the responses, although not just ready yet to do it myself.

gulnaz said...

drozzy- thanks for doing the tag, i enjoyed reading your answers. :)

m.shahin- glad you enjoyed the don't have to do a pretty calm person myself. :)

yvaine said...

it is great getting to know another side of you, gulnaz! here are 8 things about me:
1. i am married.
2. the name "yvaine" came from a character neil gaiman created for a graphic novel of his.
3. i wish i had a fairy godmother.
4. i give too much.
5. my eyesight is terrible.
6. i chew on my nails when i'm nervous.
7. sometimes i feel words aren't enough to capture emotions... and so i draw, i cook, i sleep.
8. i prefer red wine to white wine.

totally random stuff! refreshing from our usually intimate writings.

gulnaz said...

yvaine- thank you for doing this, i enjoyed the peek behind the curtain. thanks for telling me about your name. give only to the point it makes you feeel nice beyond that, you are dipping into reserves, wait till refuelling. perhaps words are not meant for everything and i'm with u on 8.