Sunday, October 08, 2006

moonlight stanzas

full moon---
a cat peeps
from the bushes

night breeze--
ruffles my hair
into smiling

silver of the moon on the darkness of the sky. darker still outlines of trees near and far and me a dark silhouette pacing amongst all this finery. Walking to beats thumping from the headphones, enjoying the contrast, being here and yet also there. Walking in circles, again and again till one steps into the zone and eyes close to make the moment absolute.

Walking in moonlight is always such pleasure!


E said...

:) silverine!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Have I invited you to Spilled to Bloodlessness, our poetry, photo, what the hell, creative site. My email is I would be honored to have you.

gulnaz said...

e- the pleasure is mine! :)

enemy of the republic- i'd be honoured! :) travelling for the next few days...

{illyria} said...

beautiful moonlight stanzas indeed, gulnaz. i've been dying to walk out of my home into that patch of light that always hits the same spot come evening.

i've missed your words; so sorry to have been absent. things have been too busy as of late. xx.

mike smith said...

..ruffles my hair
into smiling"

is a beautifully succint way to capture this scene and feeling of mystery, freedom, otherness...and sensuality - like fingers run through your hair


Hazel Dream said...

Pain is always the most creative emotions ..:))
I am sure u are from Mumbai

Cherie! said...

Safe trip, don't miss the moonshine :)

texas haijin said...

highly enjoyed.

Amalendu said...

full moon...
a cat peeps
from the bushes
I relate it so much when I see my son...
It is lovely Gulnaz...

mermaid said...

'Enjoying the contrast.' I did, too:)

Anonymous said...

hmmm, finding absolute moments
in stillness of one's own shadow, accompanied by mellifluous music of silence,
sprinkled with full moonlight and
and cool breeze;
ah! supreme peace!

M. Shahin said...

"full moon---
a cat peeps
from the bushes

night breeze--
ruffles my hair
into smiling"

I like the playful quality especially of 'ruffles.'

Moonlight is also one of my favorite things and Moonlight sonata by Beethoven is even better :-)

zingtrial said...

Hi! This is nice reading.Love reading whenever I get here I feel happy and refrashed He!He!He!.
Once again thanks for sharing.
Wish you well

zingtrial said...

P.S. Did you see the moon on the 14th.
You could write things about how beautiful it was.

velvetgunther said...

Ah...the season of the witch!

gulnaz said...

illyria- and i hope you got to stand in the la luna spotlight.... i can understand sometimes time is too tight but i really appreciate your

mike smith- welcome and thank you so much for your appreciating it so! :)

hazel dream- as much as i like the city, i'm not from mumbai...from the hinterlands of india. ;)

cherie- thanks girl...but i did miss the moon shine...some pleasures are best enjoyed alone.

texas haijin- thank you! :)

amalendu- i can see why it makes you think of your new born son and am glad for it...thank you! :)

mermaid- thanks girl!!

anon- Exactly!!! whoever you are, thank you!!!

m.shahin- yep beethoven is good, far good than my silly words....there is something so ancient and mystical about the moon. i'm glad you liked it, thanks!

zingtrail- i'm so happy that my words make you feel so. its a compliment i would cherish. thank you!! wishing you well too!

velvetgunther- bewitched yet? :)

Lorena said...

the mystery of walking in the moonlight. it can be scary too. love the imagery here.

gulnaz said...

lorena- sure it can be that too! :)

**Silvermoon** said...

ooh so lovely!
How can I not love this with my blog titled "Shadows in the Moonlight?"
I imagine you... shared moonlight serenades

gulnaz said...

silvermoon- thanks! we share our enjoyment of la luna! :)