Wednesday, August 19, 2009


gotta get some love to go; don't spill, keep it covered;
run fast and get over here;
let the music burn in your mind
and let those feet fly and take you high;
higher and higher;
you run and the sun is a distant memory now.
spare parts will be found on the way;
don't you worry i can always put you together
and shimmy my way through this.


Devika said...

This has a superb effect, Gulnaz...though I am still struggling to make complete sense out of it! :)


gulnaz said...

thanks ;)

Magyar said...

_In breaking this down... semi-colon by semi-colon, I sense a need for the subject here, to escape to a different place with the love that -you- need... to carry on, here a two person thought.
_Writers, can always write in a 'two person' phases, its like... talking to one's self, and those contrary thoughts, can always illuninate realism. Yet that which is written, is always interpreted differently... by each reader; your "Sunstroke" is deeply... thought provoking.
_Curiously, I came to your blog by your invitation to Janice, I appologize for my un-invited intrusion, and "long winded view.
_Well done intrusion, aou-jo. _m

Janice Thomson said...

I am in agreement with Magyar and would add the title suggests if one stays static there is a chance of a meltdown so to speak, hence the yearning that a risk be taken for you'll always be there to pick up the pieces. As always with your writings there's much to think about Gulnaz. The use of 'Sunstroke' is a well-chosen metaphor considering the climate of your country.:)

gulnaz said...

Magyar- i am not formally educated about writing but yes it is so how you describe it and that is why i deliberately don't like to put my words into a specific context or gve explanation as it frees the reader to intperet it as he/she will. I am so very happy that you came by here and thank you so much for your lovely words. I hope you will have a chance some day to go through the blog.

Janice- its a strange thing, i write for myself to sort of give a vent to what i am going through, feelings... and often one can't speak freelly and openly about stuff and yet when you have written it, it becomes slightly more from just an outpouring of the heart and then i yearn for people whose writings i respect to read and comment on it. it's a vanity or its seeking approval, i don't know but i love your haikus for your brevity and the images they create... haikus are an amazing medium, the way they bring a candle of wisdom to that moment and a sense of calm. thank you for reading me.