Saturday, June 13, 2009

ripe but not quite

a million tears shatter
the sky
that was my brother
that was my father
i am born to run
i am born to give
love is a million heartbeats come together
you are my lover
you are my mother
i am born for you
i stand here for you
a million dreams running in my head
there was you
and that was me
i am born to roam
i am born to dream
but these dreams are mine alone
as i carry the multitudes in me.


Devika said...

Gulnaz...for some reason, the poem gave me that very feeling 'ripe but not quite'

ita ll sounds nice, but somehow it lacked the intensity i would otherwise feel in your words...may be my state of mind!

anyway, nice to see you posting after quite a long time :)


anonant said...

I hear the intensity
of a song sung by a mother as she works about the house.

gulnaz said...

thank you! thats the thing with women, all of them are mothers from day one! lolz

devika- sorry to disappoint you but well i write as it comes...;)

Devika said...

haha! nothing like that Gulnaz...i too write my comments without thinking too it comes ;-)

but i loved your response to does Anonant's comment make appreciate the poem more now :-)


C.J.Duffy said...

Women, girls, mother's are all one and the same thing and that is not meant as a sexist comment but rather a broad sweeping generalisation that I believe is true. It is the nature of things that nurturing desire.
You can mother me anytime Gul!

gulnaz said...

devika again- yea it did :)

CJ- i know you are too much of a sweetheart to be a sexist and yea women have this nurturing instincct...and it's not only with moms... big warm hugs!!!


The dreams make us living a better life.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Sometimes it is the burden that we carry that makes our hearts open to all that we must do in our lives. I can hear what you were saying and understood where it was coming from. Perhaps this will be one of those pieces that evolves into more than one dream.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

so much, I almost got dizzy! I like it!

SAMMb said...


gulnaz said...

Naval- yea dreams are important

Inside our hearts, outside our hearts-hmmm....thank you.

J. Andrew Lockhart- glad u do :)

SAMMb0 thanks! :)